APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 19: Side (Lateral) Spin Practice

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 19 Side (Lateral) Spin Practice – Using the same “template of practice” as in Segment #18 a player can quickly see the results and subsequent position benefits of applying different spins to the cue ball. When it is necessary to make the cue ball travel around the table with little effort, full side (lateral) spin will do the trick. A table that appears to play slow can be “made fast” by this side spin test.

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  1. maplejerk says:

    or u can use a stop shot and then put some side english to get the 8 ball w/ ease

  2. UnnCoorked says:

    Dr. Cue – Lesson 19 – Side (Lateral) Spin Practice

  3. SukhiBalboa says:

    You didn’t mention how to account for deflection.

  4. SukhiBalboa says:

    Sorry – you did in lesson 10!

  5. poolplayer999 says:

    I had a hard time with this shot on my home table because I have a slow cloth. Had to hit the cue harder to get the same effect. Good route to memorize.

  6. Snipekiller430 says:

    i don’t get how the ball goes through the table like that when i hit mine it just stops in like the area it doesn’t bounce through 3 walls and he barley hits his

  7. Exavier1976 says:

    its you follow thru learn that first then you will get tjat shot he just did

  8. onjai88 says:

    very helpful tip… and nice shot!!!

  9. SimanMaan says:

    i know what u mean, is ur table professional? or did u get it off a deal

  10. davdd69 says:

    cant really do a stop shot unless u got a straight line

  11. jusfokicks says:

    why not just use left english and get it to go off the rail and get position on the eight instead of having to use all 3 cushions

  12. hayato10 says:

    that’s true, because many times there are other balls around.

  13. hayato10 says:

    that’s what i was thinking of too when i watched this after playing pool regularly for the past month or two. the first time or two i watched this i didn’t realise it.

  14. eriklovessoaps says:

    I’m not an expert, but I think since the 7 ball is going left, the cue ball will always go right. How it goes right is what he is trying to accomplish. Going left would mean using four cusions with straight left side spin. Maybe someone can explain it better.

  15. malefactoredpunk says:

    from the angle he had to hit the ball it just wouldnt work like that.

  16. dianaji says:

    thanks a lot Dr cue i’m showing a lot of progress because of you

  17. xReinhartx says:

    Instead of spinning it right, across the table, could you not just spin it left and put it already up against the left cushion where the eight is?

  18. xReinhartx says:

    Oh, wait, never mind, I wasn’t really thinking. lol

  19. bretona says:

    that table is amazing…

  20. lazymuthafukka says:

    i love this guy , he is simply good and cool , thanks for posting this video

  21. berylman says:

    I just discovered your videos and really love em. Free instruction just can’t be beat!



  23. ihcug90 says:

    @xReinhartx try it and see 🙂

  24. ihcug90 says:

    @lazymuthafukka who doesnt like mr. feeny??? 😀

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