APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 16: Stop Shot Practice

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 16 Stop Shot Practice – The awesome nature of the “stop shot” can be used for pinpoint cue ball control and as a valuable tool for accurate carom shots. Stopping the cue ball “on a dime”, so to speak, for any straight in shot requires hitting the right spot on the cue ball with the correct speed for a respective distance between the cue ball and the object ball. Rule of thumb — for longer stop shots, one must hit the cue ball lower and / or increase the speed applicable to the shot.

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  1. zzzfore says:

    Cue ball went forward on the last shot. It would have been a great opportunity to explain how the longer it travels, the more forward spin it picks up so you have to hit lower and firmer to get a stop shot.

  2. iCarroller says:

    I knew how to stun in ages. i’d rather know how long the ball travels for

  3. bringinglove81 says:

    good comment.

  4. kalilelosmatiko says:

    very bad!

  5. scae123 says:

    he did mention in the video….like for every shot

  6. oddvious1 says:

    Yeah, definitely practice long distance stop shots too. It’s essential if you take pool seriously. I would suggest lining up 4 balls where the first 2 diamonds on either side of the corners intersect. Place the cue ball opposite side of the table to the object ball in the straighest line you can get it. Make 24 consecutive stop shots like that every time you practice and you’ll improve you stroke considerably. =]

  7. rckhalillb says:

    Why does the ball stop when he hits it too low? Shouldn’t it spin backwards?

  8. mkiv17 says:

    back the draw is not enough for it to draw…if he used the same draw as the last one in the first shot..the ball would have drawn…its called using the friction and sliding the ball and once it hits the object ball it stops. If you search mike massey cue ball control he will explain it much better

  9. japmsn says:

    the distance helps to reduce the spin so when it hits the other ball the cue stop, if you hit as low as on the last shot but with the distance and speed of the first shot it would come back.

  10. clementino07 says:

    Cause he controls the strength of the shot to make it too soft to draw back.

  11. yugioh984464 says:

    it doesnt roll back if u hit it with the right power

  12. hibikino says:

    he’s not putting any more spin on the ball than is necessary to stop it.

  13. wiiwouldntliketoplay says:

    No, because you put just enough reverse english on it that when you hit it the ball stops, but you also have to hit it hard enough that without reverse english after the cue ball hits the objective ball (aka the ball your trying to hit in.) that it would normally keep going forward.

  14. nikeisgolf says:

    the lower the hit on the cue ball the more backwards spin it gets

  15. aznelf13 says:

    it’s not exactly a ful backspin, it’s like half way, so when it hit the object ball, it loses the backspin and stops in place

  16. MarkMayrProductions says:

    im not sure,
    but i think its because the backwards spinning counter-reacts to the ball moving forward, therefore meeting at a mid-point. u know wat i mean?
    that why everytime he adjusts the speed and placement so they match eachother just enough to stop.

  17. milsumla says:

    wow, now im going to practice stop shotting like this instead of stop shotting at dead center

    more skills, and stop shots at every angle lol

  18. ScuzzAsh says:

    the lower i hit the cue. it just bounces over the ball im trying to hit depending on how close it is lol

  19. Kriterian says:

    Actually, it’s not the spin that stops it but a lack of spin.

    When you hit the center the cue ball, it actually slides across the felt with no spin until friction takes over and makes it start rolling forward.

    When you stop a ball, the goal is to make the cue ball contact the object while it’s still sliding. Then the cue ball transfers all it’s energy to the object ball, and the cue ball stops.

  20. jeffillinois says:

    There are other aspects to consider as well. A properly shaped cue tip and chalking before each shot is important to avoid a mis-cue. If the tip is too “flat” then when using english, only the outside edge of the tip will contact the cue ball, increasing the likelyhood that you’ll mis-cue. Make sure to use proper tools when shaping a tip, so that any shaping you do will be uniform all the way around the tip. Remember to chalk before each shot. And most importantly, don’t give up! 🙂

  21. ScuzzAsh says:

    Thanks 😛

  22. arkangel675 says:

    Great video…I really needed this. Awesome exercise.
    I just realised this video was uploaded the day Heath Ledger died…aww man. Coincidence sucks.

  23. wizemike says:

    I’m ready to go back to the BAr !!!!!!!!!

  24. lordgabb says:

    @wizemike to keep drinking beer? XD

  25. wizemike says:

    @lordgabb yep ! LOL

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