APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 15: Rhythm & Fluency

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 15 Rhythm & Fluency – Any player that performs at a maximum level demonstrates the “rhythm and fluency” of a consistent pre-shot routine and stroking pattern. These repetitious factors of game success should include a programmed mental / physical memory of body / cue movements. A simple ball shooting exercise can be used to develop this technique and have fun in the process.

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  1. xmex180 says:

    y do you use chalk every time you shoot?

  2. webster55mike says:

    its just practicing your routine, doing the same thing every time builds your muscle memory

  3. vindennl48 says:

    it lets the cue tip grip the ball better.. its in one of his earlier lessons.

  4. xmex180 says:


  5. ovcchairman says:

    i’ve actually put this into place and it really helps… if you get yourself into a pattern, to where you are constantly doing the same thing, it’s just second nature and it actually settles you down.

  6. flyfly4u says:

    what are all the different types of pool, ( the games)? where can I find out how to set up the balls in the rack?how do you know where to put the cue ball after you have made it in to one of the holes and you take it back out?

  7. DoDi0211 says:

    There are numerous types of the game. The most common ones are 9-Ball, 8-Ball, 10-Ball and Straight Pool. Just google them and you will find all about the rules and how to rack them! 😉

    Enjoy the game of pool! Have fun!

  8. lemonite1 says:

    Who is this guy Dr. Cue? Never heard of him before.

  9. MrTokerX says:

    it a good idea… to just take a min to think about ya shot and take that moment to chalk up while u do this… that way u wont miscue plus helps u settle ya nerves u may have 😀

  10. drad85 says:

    His name is Tom Rossman, a professional pool player for over 30 years. He is really good.

  11. PharcydePhreak says:

    proffessional bad ass

  12. gersain12345678 says:

    amazing =]

  13. milsumla says:

    pool workout

  14. Dr8ven145 says:

    I watched this guy dominate Mike Massey in a trick shot competition. So if he has some advice, I’m listening!

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