APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 13: Stroke Defined With Speed Practice!

www.poolplayers.com – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 13 Stroke Defined With Speed Practice – The key element for getting in touch with the “throwing motion” of a good stroke is to use a “slow” backswing on the final stroke cycle and combine it with an obvious hesitation before releasing the cue forward to complete the stroke. A great way to practice this technique is to shoot 15 balls at 3 different speeds in a rotating shot pattern. Focused repetition used in the rhythm / fluency for each shot will provide tremendous benefit to your actual performance and your “looking like a pro”.

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  1. element062 says:

    Very helpful.

  2. loopycaleb says:

    Thanks again doctor cue. i dont know what i do with out you. lol.

  3. RSPM says:

    To illustrate the 3 speeds, wouldn’t it be better to show them? Hit a ball to the end rail, then one 2 lengths, then one 3 lenghts?

  4. alwaysspam says:

    That’s done in Lesson 12.

  5. if7084 says:

    I just started practicing this because I thought that my speed was inconsistent so I started practicing this and I improved very little but was able to put just about 11 balls in out of 15 IN A ROW. Awesome. I’ll practice this more often

  6. vagabond197979 says:

    He said stroke… heh heh

  7. krystian1333 says:


  8. justmeppl says:

    Why do you shoot one ball to practice? Then when you shoot with the cue to the object ball, you wont be able to judge the speed that transfers energy to the object ball. The single ball practice wont justify the energy as it transfers to the object ball. So practice with the cue and the object ball.

  9. justmeppl says:

    BTW you practice with one ball to get a better with aiming your shot.

  10. lilhunni6969 says:

    cool man!!

  11. darksinthe says:

    i agree, but a better practice for speed control is using 2 balls, cue and another ball and try to drive the object ball to different diamonds from different cue ball spots. Im not putting this guy down, hes an amazing teacher… but to reduce everything to 3 speeds seems… well, debilitating

  12. p3dr0able says:

    DR. CUE, one question:
    I just realized that you release the stick(?) once you hit the cue ball, is it part of the technique? Thank you very much, and many thanks for the videos!

  13. cuedeane says:

    The release I have in my stroke once I hit the cue ball is part of my overall stroke motion, even though the cue ball has left the tip. It is simply an extension of my overall stroke, much like the follow through is in any sport. Some pros literally release the cue when they hit the cue ball and others do not. The key is to hit the cue ball with a fluent and rhythmic motion.

    Hope this helps!

    Dr. Cue

  14. cuedeane says:

    The release of my stick is part of my overall stroke motion. The overall key to your stroke is to release the cue in a fluent, rhythmic, and free flighted motion as in any sport follow through technique.


    “Dr. Cue”

  15. p3dr0able says:

    Many thanks from Spain! You’re a great teacher and a great guy. Thanks again

  16. cuedeane says:

    Your welcome! Thank you for your supportive words.

    Enjoy The Roll!

    Dr. Cue

  17. ham4fun says:

    i love these lessons. i got the privilege to play him one time when he was doin a demonstration at the pool hall i go to alot real nice guy

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