Amazing Pool Trick Shots – In Small Table (Artistic pool)

Trick Shots in small table by TrueSpirit…

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  1. MrMassacre01 says:

    great vid

  2. TTrueSpirit says:

    WOW…. Thanks MrMassacre… you are great player and great Professional in TrickShots…

    Thank you for Watch… =D

  3. TTrueSpirit says:

    yep yep…. is 6ft… too small is it? hehe… but thats good… just for pratice… =D

  4. rafaelbalbin says:

    deu pra savar que isso eh montagem…
    mais parebens pela arte de ediรงao

  5. rafaelbalbin says:

    pior que nao eh montagem porra nenhuma… rs
    parabens velho… vc manja pra caralho

  6. TTrueSpirit says:

    LOL hehehe… nao eh montagem mesmo e isso eu garanto =D Eh isso ai Rafael… vlw mano ateh mais…

  7. greg514 says:

    very nice

  8. TTrueSpirit says:

    Thanks… ^^

  9. SickDrummer24 says:

    hey nice vids and just to tell u, MrMassare is not a pro, he just makes cool videos of another pro trickshot master whos name is Eric Yow….plz check out my tricks too

  10. CaTeJIuT says:

    haha , very nice idea TTrueSpirit:D gg
    i will response you soon with my table , witch is smaller. REALLY ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. bestfriendscomp454 says:

    so jealous of your table

  12. Kallyadranoch123 says:

    very nice

  13. messina7679 says:

    cool shots…does that table have slate, or is it all wood? rubber on the rails as well?
    i wanna get a table like this…

  14. UFC0789 says:

    you mean TRICKSHOTS ON A SMALL TABLE not in one lol

  15. DevilboyScooby says:

    y’know, not many people show their mistakes too. Congrats on the cool shots!

  16. Dons91 says:

    this is a f**king nice table!
    what size is it?
    You are a nice “pooler”..

  17. keenster14 says:

    I like the last shot

  18. thesvcoolman says:

    Saw the cat… or the dog… can’t tell exactly

  19. aronali1122 says:

    where did u get that table from

  20. vicarious709 says:

    looks like a 4 x 2

  21. poopdog007 says:

    club fun 36”x20”x7 3/4” im buying this ๐Ÿ˜€ lolz

  22. Abrokehoedream says:

    daaaaaammmmnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!dets sum beast shiit..i wish i can do all of det…did yu do all of that on the first try or did yu have hella practice befor yu started recording

  23. Zacthevidman says:

    you any good at actually playing pool? Not having a go at you, just curious

  24. GuItArRiCk33 says:

    how big is that table in CM???

  25. eNafrom59 says:

    Nice video !! Somebody knows the title of the song please ?? Great video, great song ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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