Amazing Pool Trick Shots By Vincent Grante

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  1. jemayke says:

    The coin flip and the 8-ball in the shoe…..Krazzzzzzzzzyyyy!!!!!!!!
    Think i’ll try the coin flip one one of these days…lol

  2. HLGNiceness03 says:

    The video is extra extra fantastic(a), ball jumping out of rack and thing, coin jumping in glass & and the shoe shaking, a love it, the balls spinning awsome.

  3. sante97 says:

    this is the best pool video i have ever seen he should go professional

  4. babygurl120046 says:

    Super! I can only wonder how he got the coin in the glass or how he shoots the ball into the bag and then in the hole.
    Good job, well done.

  5. nelzabsolut3 says:

    This is true talent, you should definitely come to the US and go pro

  6. sante97 says:

    its a real great video

  7. MrMachine214 says:

    these shots are hot!!!!!!

  8. jambneu says:

    Nice shots man!!!

  9. rachelpakxp says:

    mam ma mea

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