9-ball Break Lesson by Johnny Archer

Johnny Archer teaches me the 9-ball break shot and I get the 9 ball on the break. This video was recorded during a visit by Earl Strickland and Johnny Archer to my home in Del Mar, CA for the purpose of giving me a few pool lessons. I video recorded the entire event (about 3+ hours), so there will be more video coming soon. For more videos and blog, see poolshooter.blogspot.com Video recorded at FastMikie’s Fun House, Del Mar, CA

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  1. deliberately says:

    areat narration. always nice to hear a pro’s perspective. thanks!

  2. BlackjackDSapolis says:

    Johnny is such a great teacher of the game. I am so glad that Mark has brought Johnny and Earl together to give these instructional clinics – what a great opportunity to learn the game from two of the greatest players to ever chalk up a cue! Thanks for taking the time to share this with us!

  3. cowboyup200560 says:

    I cant wait I am going to attend one of these clinics this week. Thank you T-wheels for getting johnny and earl together for this

  4. kellaway says:

    I have sunk the 9 ball on break on fluke before =]

  5. sinner212121 says:

    was this just luck or it is my idea?

  6. 9ballalex says:

    Archer……1999 us open winner… nice pro pool player

  7. junkyjuice21 says:

    One time I was playing a friend for money and sunk the nine 3 straight times in a row. We never played nine ever again.

  8. zzzfore says:

    Nice video.

  9. robertus911 says:

    Being an eight ball player all my life I can”t grassp the concept of what make a better nine ball player .I have a lot of problems with the stragidy. Its the Idea of haveing the same ball to play defence against.

  10. fastmikie69 says:

    Yes, a lot of luck involved in sinking the 9 on the break. Happens once in about 30+ breaks, from what I hear. But in order to get lucky, you still have to hit the one ball right, or you don’t get the action.

  11. fastmikie69 says:

    Good for you!
    My purpose in posting the video was not to show off the fact that I made the 9 on the break, but to share the lesson from Johnny Archer.

  12. flyingdollars says:

    i didnt understand what he was talking about. with 70% hitting the ball? anyone please explain! thank you in advance.

  13. fastmikie69 says:

    Johnny is saying to hit the 1-ball as full as possible, and to take power off the shot so that I have more control in hitting the cue ball squarely and fully into the 1-ball. Johnny is saying to hit it at 70% of maximum speed, and if I hit the ball squarely, then I’ll get a better break than I would if I hit harder, but with less control.

  14. ryanaldinho85 says:

    wow!!! to have hall of famers like earl n johnny in ur house would be cool enough but to get tips n get to play them would be awsome. nice break by the way mate u held the cueball very well n got a nice spread and ofcourse the 9ball went in. is this style of break hes taalkin to u about designed especialy to try n pot the 9? if so did johny give a rough idea of how many times he manages to pull it off??

  15. fastmikie69 says:

    Johnny is not trying to show me how to pocket the 9, just to hit the 1-ball squarely as possible, and that it is better to hit the cue ball slower and more squarely than it is to hit it faster with less control. We didn’t talk about percentage of 9’s that go on the break, but I have heard it is about 3% of the time (1 in 30-odd breaks), but that depends a lot on the player, the table, and the conditions.

  16. eddrumkee says:

    thanks for the video mike. i always just thought it was cool when the cueball hopped up. i think ill slow my break down a bit then, maybe get a better lay.

  17. ihcug90 says:

    i could probably post a million word comment on this video, but why waste my time.

    long story short, this video made me subscribe

  18. BilliardInstruction says:

    The 9-ball will not go directly in the pocket with a perfect rack. If the rack was set perfect the 9 ball should slide forward on impact with all the balls 1/2″ on a 0 angle approach at 24 mph. then 1-8 release away from the 9 on the tangent lines.

  19. riff724 says:

    more importantly NICE fnnnnn TABLE

  20. rackembitch2515 says:

    looks like a black crown maybe

  21. bushputz says:

    Whenever you see the cue ball hop after the break, you’re seeing wasted energy. The higher the hop, the more energy is being thrown away.
    The most efficient hit is when the cue ball contacts the 1 ball dead center – left-to-right, AND top-to bottom.
    The break in this video is a great example of a proper break. The cue ball stayed on the table, and rebounded back out to the center of the table, where he has the best chance to have a shot.

  22. staaayfocusedmang says:

    What Mr. Archer says there just cant be right. A ball is rounded…so how can a ball can possibly hit “more” of another ball? I am talking about the world of “micro” or might even be “nano” I am not denying anything what you learned. And if you think you improved, thats great! when you think why a ball hop, its because the rack and the cue ball has no where to escape the power of the shot u made,,,so it goes up. just like when an accident happenes,,,your hood crash up.

  23. fastmikie69 says:

    @staaayfocusedmang Actually, what Mr. Archer is saying is perfectly correct if you consider that he means that the cue ball should hit the 1-ball as squarely as possible, so that the centers of both balls are aligned in the direction of travel. This means that ALL of the energy of the cue ball is expended into the rack. Yes, you are correct that the balls are round and that you can not have MORE or less ball touching, but it is the energy which is under discussion here.

  24. mikeywikeylikey says:

    @stay focused…really? it is unfathomable to think there is ANY other way to take this OTHER than physics/energy, of COURSE hes not talking about surface area, JESUS CHRIST!

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