6 Amazing Pool Trick Shots by Mike Massey

6 Amazing Pool Trick Shots by Mike Massey. See more pool trick shots at www.InsidePOOLmag.com

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  1. scottwilliambradley says:

    get a life

  2. MultiDads says:

    @B789c I’m pretty sure that was a back curve?

  3. PBfan88 says:


  4. aebbinge says:

    @B789c it’s not… I’m not able to do it but I know it is possible 😛

  5. MegaAsdsasds says:

    awsome !!!!!!

  6. patriots43v3r says:

    trick shots in a suit, talk about swag

  7. jayboels says:

    @B789c if you notice where abouts he actually hits the white ball you will see he hits it in the bottam left part of the ball to get some serious spn on the ball

  8. themachine43 says:

    one time me and a friend were playing pool, he invited a friend i had never met before. i miss a shot and he doesnt shut up about it, next turn i act like im going to do a trick shot, i jump the cue ball into his balls.

  9. Shuda51 says:

    Hater’s gonna hate.

  10. headwhop26 says:

    at 0:49 I was like WHERE DID THE BALL GO?!

  11. Billardplayer1 says:

    Nice trickshots Mike Messy !
    watched my trickshots and comments Please 🙂

  12. r7ben94 says:

    I’m no fan of this sport. I dont really like it. But this is pretty cool!

  13. uaman11 says:

    @themachine43 thats what she said

  14. Emil54 says:

    r7ben94 said: “…this is pretty cool!” But actually it`s Pretty Pool…

  15. DetroitLove4U says:

    Not just skill more like precision.

  16. iLoveAIDS420 says:

    @Emil54 You’re not serious, are you?

  17. FlamenDX says:

    Just Aimbot!!

  18. HIBUDBROs says:

    0:18 check the 7(Dark Red) and the 5(Bright Orange)
    The shot was fake.

  19. Anonomousxxx says:

    @HIBUDBROs whats fake lol

  20. screenxxname914 says:

    @HIBUDBROs how? i didnt notice anything, explain?

  21. paranoid19851 says:

    mind blowing,mike massey is the man

  22. xKakashi619 says:

    1:22 Is that girl peter chao’s gf?

  23. simpsons4life333 says:

    mike massey gave me and my dad lessons in san jose california. hes god on tables

  24. SuperDominoGuy says:

    That girl would havebeen doomed if it was MY grandfather.

  25. TheNinjaPirate123 says:

    at 0:59-1:01 how do you curve a ball like that??

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