40 More Amazing Pool Trick Shots

The Praying Mantis is back with another awesome video. This one has mostly unique jump and masse shots.

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  1. jakesmith70707 says:


  2. fredlethai says:

    i like .ACDC for president !!

  3. pragmatec1 says:

    I cant believe what you can do ! blowin my mind !

  4. BRADMAXXX says:

    Nice..bet you went through a lot of felt and tips at first… I used to practice that at the pool halls… they didnt appreciate me doing that..LOL ! Great shots man.

  5. Prayingmantis72 says:

    nope i have never changed the felt on my table and this was only my third video. I have 25 or so by now. Never changed a tip either! thanks for the comment

  6. BRADMAXXX says:

    @Prayingmantis72 ..thats amazing then.

  7. MrDeadphish says:

    a liottle bon scott soundtrack action. always a beautiful thing. makes me remember how bad I suck at pool

  8. Redhotball says:

    just a reminder to myself that I will never be a hustler

  9. haleybrite says:

    Rick, Your a God Man!! Thanks and AC/DC perfect for your video! Love it!!



  11. savageIslam says:


  12. Recover1981 says:

    Though i never played billiard, I love this video. Great tricks of an real billiard artist:-) thanks for posting it.

  13. XboxFury says:

    Awesome video Rick you the man!

  14. ManLaw4Evr says:

    All I can keep sayin is.unbelievable!! it’s a gift… great to watch…

  15. rudjard18 says:

    how many years uve been practicin those shots?

  16. garyoldman4me says:

    amazing awesome and great song to boot :)))

  17. Chr0nicB00m says:

    if you were jesus the ball would be your disciples lol

  18. InsaneJoker902 says:

    best sing plus best trick shot video long live PRAYINGMATIS72

  19. gifmekatn says:

    great cuepower and skills mate, you saved the best for last with the trickshot at 2.55

    this is a 9.5/10 mate 🙂

    Keep up the pool/snooker 😉

  20. johnnysamoa1 says:

    Very nice buddy, awesome tricks, will try next time hahaha. subscribed.

  21. beauwimberly says:

    What church do you go to man?

  22. DeceptaconTron says:

    i enjoy watching the video’s, the music is lame so i have to mute it but the shots are nice

  23. JR113FTW says:

    man i wish i had that much english control

  24. TheSnipingPenguin says:

    @Chr0nicB00m He’d need to come up with 4 more names ^^

  25. samisgreat80 says:

    r u allowed to do that in competitive pool

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