360 Pure Cue Action Trainer for snooker, billiards & pool from Gravitycue

www.gravitycue.com NOW ON SALE The 360 Pure Cue action trainer promotes precise action in all cue sports, available in snooker, 8 Ball pool, 9 ball Pool (euro) 9ball (USA) to follow.

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  1. ikkiller86 says:

    great stuff neil 10/10
    oh and go clayton go clayton

  2. ThunderBoltLSD says:

    That’s ace… I want one for my cousin who keeps battering me!

  3. bouzoukimania23 says:

    how much?

  4. afc017 says:

    Good but are you guna be putting holes in your cloth.

  5. gravitycue says:

    @afc017, Definitely not,

  6. ElliottsFather says:

    I have one of these and it is absolutely amazing. Thanks for being courageous enough to develop this, Neil. Immediate feedback on every shot and my cueing action has improved out of sight. Even my grip pressure has changed.
    10/10 and an absolute bargain.

  7. gravitycue says:

    Thanks for the kind com

  8. seloit says:

    This is an absolutly amazing product! For a young player who is just starting out this would be the best cue for them to use as it will immediatly teach them to cue correctly and reinforce good habits. For current players who wish to improve this is also the cue for you. I have been using it now for about a month and I have improved so much I can hardly believe it. I only wish I had had one of these when I started out playing. It is like having a personal coach on every shot! Absolute must buy!

  9. theflake90 says:

    damn, no more wooden cues and old snooker, hate it

  10. gravitycue says:

    @theflake90 Not sure what you are on about flake, sorry!

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