3/3 Cue ball spin & squirt

Part 3 of 3 for our lesson on cue ball spin & squirt.

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  1. snapitoff2002 says:

    You are a credit to the sport Joe… Keep up the great work.

  2. worldalvin says:

    Really good video thank you.

  3. jetpack0726 says:

    nice tutorial man

  4. scubba777 says:

    It’s a game not a sport.

  5. snapitoff2002 says:

    A sport is commonly defined as an organized, competitive, and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play. It is governed by a set of rules or customs. In a sport the key factors are the physical capabilities and skills of the competitor when determining the outcome (winning or losing). The physical activity involves the movement of people, animals and/or a variety of objects such as balls and machines.

  6. scubba777 says:

    It’s a game.

  7. drtrotter74 says:

    @scubba777 It is a sport……….is golf just a game, also?

  8. scubba777 says:

    @drtrotter74 are you trying to compare the two? Is Chess a sport?

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