2010 Derby City Classic Day 3 Efren Reyes v Shannon Daulton Highlights

2010 Derby City Classic Reyes vs. Daulton 9-Ball Banks. For up to date tournament coverage from this event visit www.insidepoolmag.com Music by Clutch http Video Design by WorldAlvin for InsidePool.com www.youtube.com

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  1. yuri303030 says:

    @adibeh He plays snooker too.. Peach saw him beat Ronnie and White with his pool cue..

  2. adibeh says:

    @yuri303030 bullshit , there is no evidence , he never beat ronnie or white at snooker table .

  3. yuri303030 says:

    @adibeh again go to the link..

  4. adibeh says:

    @yuri303030 what link

  5. yuri303030 says:

    @adibeh 9ballpool . co . uk. c o m check the interview with Pearl..

  6. h2o4170 says:

    @yuri303030 he did and so did parika

  7. Sandugo168 says:

    Efren’s undeniably the GOAT of billiards!

  8. Superhrundel says:

    Excellent play and fine music!)) By the way the song title is “Clutch – Subtle Hustle”.

  9. legobeast88 says:

    efren needs to have an entourage~!

  10. ONEpocketKID21 says:

    nope! hes a lil wobbly at straight pool tho….but only a smidge…

  11. poolstic63 says:

    @jv91988 NO!

  12. ellahsun says:

    @adibeh well sorry to say but he did! read the article and the interview!

  13. Daputaka says:

    Yes, he’s not good at Boxing.

  14. Daputaka says:

    Yes, he’s not good at Boxing.

  15. MattyClemz says:

    @jv91988 i heard he once lost a game of darts

  16. 400timesmore says:

    Knowledgewise shannon is by far the best us-player. he’s a real artist, not just a stupid ball-pocketer.

    And Efren, well… he’s simply the best.

    I really enjoy watching both of them

  17. Eptapus says:

    @jv91988 At the “speak English” game he is not quite good.. but he is so enjoyable!

  18. mapleconvict says:

    is this like a banking competion? wdf?

  19. xowreckageox says:


  20. magikman38 says:

    @mapleconvict 9 ball bank pool…yup all banks. but they have one pocket and 9 ball at this tournament too

  21. clayton1979 says:

    @jv91988 I bet he is no good at beer pong

  22. clayton1979 says:

    @MattyClemz He also lost a 9 ball match to a 3 cushion world champ. Just search for efren 3 cushion.

  23. TheKoreanMV says:

    is he philipines?

  24. paigelover66 says:

    that shannon guy had some pretty good shots too but efren is cleary better

  25. Eptapus says:

    @jv91988 In the “Losers game” would finish last! 😀

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