1/3 cue ball squirt & spin

Part #1 of 3 for a lesson on cue ball squirt & side spin.

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  1. runarak says:

    Joe, you are very generous and amazing.

    A real asset to the pocket billiards community.


  2. toilco1 says:

    this is what im looking for, the proper way to apply english on a cueball, this is the only video on youtube that explain everything about english (side spin). this is definitely 5 star, there are so many pool players (mostly amateurs) in the world dont know how to apply english properly, they dont know what is backhand english, fronthand english & parallel english is?

  3. jt10ball says:

    Thanks, we’ll get the word out!

  4. UpMySleeves says:

    Thanks for making this so easy to understnd! I made an ERO right afte watching this! Have a look at my videos as I posted it on there. Any comments is greatly appreciated. Cheers!

  5. nineballjunky says:

    This is a great series of videos! I’m an advanced player and I never realized that I pivoted on some, not all of my shots. Now that I know what to look for I think this will be easy to incorporate into my game. Thanks a lot! Your a great player and a great instructor!

  6. colincolenso says:

    Nice Video Joe!

    I’ve got another video on my prefered system of “Back Hand English”. Just search for that on youtube. Also a video “24 Stroke Shots” which shows the application of BHE for more advanced shots.

  7. h1tmn26 says:

    cant hear..

  8. chibone1 says:

    -.- i have to max my volume

  9. Stringfreak says:

    Great video man…exactly what i was looking for.5 stars!!!!

    by the way,whats that cue called which is used to reduce squirt?and cud u tell me whts the difference between this cue and a normal pool cue?

  10. jt10ball says:

    I use a Predator Z2. They lighten the top part of the shaft and that causes the cue ball to squirt less.

  11. PeerLanda says:

    A friendly suggestion — I suggest that you try to spell Bob Jewett’s name correctly next time.

    — peer

  12. bobbalot12345 says:

    Good Vid mate.

  13. jeetjemienaa says:

    too long and boring 😛

  14. RayHusted says:

    i would really love to play pool with you sometime, i love all of your videos and it would just be a great time.

  15. jt10ball says:

    ya never know?

  16. foofighter2007 says:

    pool and snooker are such complex games, 99% of players only ever think its ‘hit the ball’

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