Multi-Winners Abound at the 2010 ACS Nationals

Multi-Winners Abound at the 2010 ACS Nationals in Las Vegas

So many divisions! So many winners and multi-division champions! As with each of the six National Championships produced by the American CueSports Alliance (ACS) – and this year welcoming its new league and championship sponsor: Lucasi Hybrid Cues – the annual spectacle at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, June 6-12, showcased formats that encouraged many different winners…in many different formats…for many different skill levels…along with multi-titlists in the higher-skilled divisions.

Multi-titlists included the likes of: Debra Aarens (Las Vegas, NV) who anchored the Women’s Open 8-Ball Team Champion “Smokin’ 8s,” the same Women’s Open 9-Ball Team runner-ups, and placed as the Women’s 9-Ball Singles runner-up; Dustin Gunia (Omaha, NE) who won the Men’s 9-Ball Singles crown and shared top honors as well with his Master 8-Ball Scotch Doubles partner, Jessica Frideres (Fort Dodge, IA) [Jessica also anchored the champion Women’s Open 9-Ball team “Which Witch Is Which” as well]; Christy Goldsmith (Henderson, NV) who won the Women’s Speed Pool Challenge, placed 2nd in the Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles and 2nd again on Vegas’s “I Had A Plan” team in the Women’s Open 8-Ball Teams; Beth Fondell (Owatonna, MN) who won the coveted Women’s Master 8-Ball Singles crown and placed runner-up with partner and Men’s Speed Pool Champion, Jerrod Frideres in the Master 8-Ball Scotch Doubles category; Edward Mataya who was runner-up in the Men’s Open 8-Ball Singles and anchored both the repeating champion “Malarkey’s” Men’s Open 9-Ball team from Tacoma, WA and the same “Malarkey’s” Men’s Open 8-Ball Team 3rd-place finisher; and Mary Rayner (Calgary, AB) who captured the Women’s Standard 8-Ball Singles title and placed 2nd with partner Brian Bird in the Open 8-Ball Scotch Doubles division.

The Championships also highlighted its share of first-time national champions: Standard player Kassandra Bein (Virginia Beach, VA) outdistancing some much stronger players to take the handicapped Women’s 9-Ball Singles title; Ray Skenandore (Las Vegas, NV) who has improved in the Men’s Open 8-Ball Singles field every year until finally claiming the title in 2010; Jeff Heath (Reno, NV) who has always threatened but never claimed the Men’s Master 8-Ball Singles title until this year; York Haven, PA’s Christine Chamberlain in the Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles; Robert White (Conception Bay South, NF) who probably traveled the farthest to take down a title – that of the Men’s Standard 8-Ball Singles; Pat Mowdy (Longview, WA) who improved on his runner-up performance in 2008 to take down the 2010 crown in the Men’s Senior 8-Ball Singles division; Shawn Modelo (Antioch, CA) who claimed the top award in her rookie year in the Women’s Senior 8-Ball Singles; and Milton Strack (Monticello, IL) who – after thirty years of competing in various national championships in Vegas – finally claimed a national championship trophy for his case against a very formidable Super Senior 8-Ball Singles field.

In the Open Scotch Doubles contest, Lexington, Kentucky’s Samantha Patton teamed up with her league mate, 2009 Super Senior 8-Ball Singles champ Madison Adkins, to claim the top spot; and Madison went on to help his “American Legion Post # 313” (KY) team to win the Open 8-Ball Team title after knocking on that door for the previous five years. Lexington, Kentucky’s other powerhouse team, “Mike’s Team/Silver Cue,” almost brought another national trophy home with a runner-up performance in the Open 9-Ball Team division won by defending champs, Malarkey’s of Tacoma, WA. Las Vegas struck again, with the “Tuesday – Rich” team capturing top honors in the Men’s Standard 8-Ball Team division, while Texas claimed honors thanks to the performance of team “Flawless” in the Women’s Standard 8-Ball Team class. Aside from Scotch Doubles honors, Canada claimed further team honors by capturing the Men’s Master 9-Ball Team competition, courtesy of team “Fort McMurray” (AB).

In 2011, the ACS is excited about moving the newly titled Lucasi Hybrid Cues ACS National Championships to the newly renovated Tropicana Las Vegas – a month earlier – May 7-14 ! Players will be royally entertained at this legendary anchor on the southern Vegas strip that is transforming itself into the best modern, mid-priced value in Las Vegas. The ACS looks forward to continuing to build its ranks in 2010/2011 through its twelve state associations and championships and its independent leagues, its Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour, and to welcoming players to its $10,000 added 2011 Midwest 8-Ball Championships, January 20-23 at the Riverside Casino in central Iowa, and to the 2011 ACS Nationals at the Tropicana Las Vegas in May !! Complete results and winners photos may be viewed online at

Lucasi Hybrid Cues presents
2010 ACS Nationals
(American CueSports Alliance)
June 6 – June 12
Riviera Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
Final Results
$130,535 Total Prize Fund
$27,170 Added Money

As with each of the six National Championships produced by the American CueSports Alliance (ACS) – and this year welcoming its new league and championship sponsor: Lucasi Hybrid Cues – the annual spectacle at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, June 6-12

As with each of the six National Championships produced by the American CueSports Alliance (ACS) – and this year welcoming its new league and championship sponsor: Lucasi Hybrid Cues – the annual spectacle at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, June 6-12

Men’s 9-Ball Singles
1st Dustin Gunia (Omaha, NE) $1,500 + Trophy
2nd Glenn Atwell (Vancouver, WA) $1,000 + Trophy
3rd Damien Michaud (Fort McMurray, AB) $700 + Trophy
4th Cesar Infantas (Royal Palm Beach, FL) $520
5-6th Raymond McDonald (Lexington, KY) $400
Larry Wilson (Victoria, BC)
7-8th Jeff Heath (Reno NV) $350
Walter Glass (Las Vegas, NV)
9-12th Isaac Runnels (Kankakee, IL) $250
Robert Campbell (Federal Way, WA)
Ray Galaviz (Hawthorne, CA)
Michael Deveau (Tacoma, WA)
13-16th James Kimmerly (Lexington, KY) $200
Ken Crane (Vancouver, BC)
Jack Davis (Virginia Beach, VA)
Brian Bird (Calgary, AB)
17-24th Patrick Schumacher (Portland, OR) $150
Edgar Jackson (Las Vegas, NV)
Edward Mataya (Tacoma, WA)
Jonathan Davis (Virginia Beach, VA)
Zack Willis (Papillion, NE)
Pat Mowdy (Longview, WA)
Calvin Gulley (Lexington, KY)
Shawn Fleming (St. Johns, NF)
25-32nd Michael Dodd (Bartlesville, OK) $100
James Murphy (Las Vegas, NV)
Robert White (Conception Bay South, NF)
Shawn Nichols (North Port, FL)
Timothy Pidborochynski (Edmonton, AB)
Ray Skenandore (Las Vegas, NV)
Harry Kernodle (Norfolk, VA)
Gary Trant (Groves, TX)
33-48th Trey Jankowski (Port Charlotte, FL) $50
Daniel Moran (Riviera Beach, FL)
Steven Jeffries (Virginia Beach, VA)
Jerry Sotelo (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
Rodney Browne (Westlake, LA)
Michael Navarre (Sulphur, LA)
Steve Adams (Sparks, NV)
Derrick Cantu (Alexandria, LA)
Robert Klie (Virginia Beach, VA)
Robert McKenna (Edmonton, AB)
Shawn Collie (Port Charlotte, FL)
Michael Durbin (Sullivan, IL)
Ken Coulter (North Port, FL)
Nathaniel DeGraff (Sedalia, MO)
Scott Thurston (Tacoma, WA)
Eloy Barros (Parker, CO)

Women’s 9-Ball Singles
1st Kassandra Bein (Virginia Beach, VA) $1,000 + Trophy
2nd Debra Aarens (Las Vegas, NV) $765 + Trophy
3rd Janine Knight (Chicago, IL) $550 + Trophy
4th Jessica Frideres (Fort Dodge, IA) $350
5-6th Samantha Patton (Lexington, KY) $250
Shawn Modelo (Antioch, CA)
7-8th Beth Fondell (Owatonna, MN) $175
Leslee Davis (Lutz, FL)
9-12th Becky Mowdy (Longview, WA) $125
Jill Nagel (Papillion, NE)
Andrea Saenz-Maes (Gig Harbor, WA)
Sherry Warren (St. Johns, NF)
13-16th Jodi Hirning (Glendale, AZ) $75
Maria Davis (Virginia Beach, VA)
Sandi Peterson (Nanton, AB)
Tina Larsen (Palatine, IL)

Men’s Masters 8-Ball Singles
1st Jeff Heath (Reno, NV) $2,000 + Trophy
2nd Larry Wilson (Victoria, BC) $1,500 + Trophy
3rd Zack Willis (Papillion, NE) $1,000 + Trophy
4th Joey Gray (Oklahoma City, OK) $700
5-6th Isaac Runnels (Kankakee, IL) $400
Glenn Atwell (Vancouver, WA)

Men’s Masters 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division
1st Jerrod Frideres (Fort Dodge, IA) $400
2nd Jim Carmona (Las Vegas, NV) $230

Women’s Masters 8-Ball Singles
1st Beth Fondell (Owatonna, MN) $2,000 + Trophy
2nd Kit Dennis (Ridgefield, WA) $1,450 + Trophy
3rd Andrea Saenz-Maes (Gig Harbor, WA) $935 + Trophy
4th Sherry Warren (St. Johns, NF) $500
5-6th Angela Voorhees (Rockford, IL) $250
Jessica Frideres (Ft. Dodge, IA)
7-8th Stacey Lantz (St. Petersburg, FL) $175
Debra aarens (Las Vegas, NV)

Women’s Masters 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division
1st Janine Robinson (Bullhead City, AZ) $250
2nd Pamela Fletcher (Las Vegas, NV) $150

Men’s Open 8-Ball Singles
1st Ray Skenandore (Las Vegas, NV) $2,500 + Trophy
2nd Edward Mataya (Tacoma, WA) $2,000 + Trophy
3rd Trey Jankowski (Port Charlotte, FL) $1,500 + Trophy
4th Patrick Schumacher (Portland, OR) $1,055
5-6th Maurice Runnels (Hopkins Park, IL) $750
Jack Davis (Virginia Beach, VA)
7-8th Anthony Updegraff (York Haven, PA) $500
Shawn Fleming (St. Johns, NF)
9-12th Michael Loeffelholz (Lexington, KY) $350
Bob Soto (Prescott, AZ)
Phillip Davis (McAlester, OK)
Gregg Cairns (Calgary, AB)
13-16th Reginald Runnels (Kankakee, IL) $250
Patrick Dugan (Floral Park, NY)
James Blackman (Cold Lake, AB)
Brian Bird (Calgary, AB)
17-24th Fred Chartrand (Edmonton, AB) $150
Ray Galaviz (Hawthorne, CA)
Jerry Sotelo (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
Lloyd Guenther (Vancouver, BC)
Ian Machatis (Cold Lake, AB)
Robert Campbell (Federal Way, WA)
Tim Robertson (Kelso, WA)
David Howell (Wheat Ridge, CO)
25-32nd Merle Trivitt Jr. (Spring Grove, PA) $100
Wendell Lawson (Versailles, KY)
Shawn Nichols (North Port, FL)
Ryan Keeney (Jacobus, PA)
Brad Rautio (New Westminster, BC)
Ross Fidler (Orillia, ON)
Michael Calla (Delta, BC)
Zane Collins (Bonnyville, AB)

Men’s Open 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division
1st Michael Hogan (Denver, CO) $400
2nd Barry Peddle (Mt. Pearl, NF) $200
3-4th Clarence Hunter (Sedalia, MO) $100
Ken Crane (Vancouver, BC)
5-8th John Lamplugh (Carlisle, PA) $50
Shawn Collie (Port Charlotte, FL)
Tommy Sliva (Federal Way, WA)
Gerard Louviere (Lake Charles, LA)

Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles
1st Kristine Chamberlain (York Haven, PA) $1,500 + Trophy
2nd Christy Goldsmith (Henderson, NV) $1,000 + Trophy
3rd Tina Scott (Decatur, IL) $600 + Trophy
4th Corrine Johnson (Akwesasne, ON) $400
5-6th Kim Tarter (Decatur, IL) $250
Karla Dowding (Estherville, IA)
7-8th Terry Duncan (Englewood, CO) $200
Gina Knight (Chicago, IL)
9-12th Melanie Herne (Hogansburg, NY) $150
Jennifer Hawthorne (Jacobus, PA)
Amy Encinias (Las Vegas, NV)
Wanda Prince (Edmonton, AB)
13-16th Maria Rodriguez (Dallas, TX) $100
Toni Barnes (Virginia Beach, VA)
Florinda Garcia (Amarillo, TX)
Eva Sisneros (La Junta, CO)

Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division
1st Debra McDonald (Vancouver, WA) $250
2nd Beth Tully (Etters, PA) $155
3-4th Samantha Patton (Richmond, KY) $70
Jodi Peckham (Council Bluffs, IA)

Men’s Standard 8-Ball Singles
1st Robert White (Conception Bay South, NF) $1,500 + Trophy
2nd John Pawluk (Calgary, AB) $1,000 + Trophy
3rd Chris Kent (Port Coquitlam, BC) $770 + Trophy
4th Eloy Barros (Parker, CO) $550
5-6th Weston Broad (Owatonna, MN) $350
Daniel Van Ermen (Virginia Beach, VA)
7-8th Jason Osborn (Las Vegas, NV) $200
Timothy Jimmo (Homosassa, FL)
9-12th Tim Pidborochynski (Edmonton, AB) $150
Michael Sirman (Calgary, AB)
James Potter (Atlanta, GA)
Brian Harrell (Virginia Beach, VA)
13-16th Jason Lilley (Chesapeake, VA) $100
Wayne Iron (Cold Lake, AB)
Steve Adams (Sparks, NV)
David Field (Calgary, AB)

Men’s Standard 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division
1st Robert Klie (Virginia Beach, VA) $250
2nd Ken Waldrum (Chestermere, AB) $150
3-4th David Ray (Virginia Beach, VA) $100
Joe MacLellan (Whitehorse, YT)

Women’s Standard 8-Ball Singles
1st Mary Rayner (Calgary, AB) $1,200 + Trophy
2nd Jean Renee Hendricks (Cottage Grove, MN) $900 + Trophy
3rd Maria Davis (Virginia Beach, VA) $650 + Trophy
4th Dot Cyr (Omaha, NE) $440
5-6th Teri Martinez (Denver, CO) $250
Jennifer Engels (Bull head City, AZ)
7-8th Luz Selbe (Virginia Beach, VA) $175
Patsy Munson (Bullhead City, AZ)
9-12th Deidre Ludwick (York, PA) $125
Andrea Wertenbach (Virginia Beach, VA)
Yvonne Estrada (Arlington, TX)
Sandi Peterson (Nanton, AB)

Women’s Standard 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division
1st Donnia Antuna (Grand Prairie, TX) $250
2nd Tracy Langley (Kingman, AZ) $150
3-4th Jamie Cork (Inver Grove Heights, MN) $100
Gail Harms (Calgary, AB)

Men’s Senior 8-Ball Singles
1st Patrick Mowdy (Longview, WA) $1,200 + Trophy
2nd Victor Tyynismaa (Lake Havasu, AZ) $860 + Trophy
3rd Michael Navarre (Sulphur, LA) $600 + Trophy
4th William Mason (Virginia Beach, VA) $450
5-6th James Kimmerly (Lexington, KY) $325
Thomas Chavis (Newberry, SC)
7-8th James Dyce (Phelpston, ON) $200
Roger Anderson (Boise, ID)
9-12th Phil Jennings (Virginia Beach, VA) $150
Robert Staeck (Virginia Beach, VA)
Phillip Jones (Paris, KY)
Albert Barlow (Lake Havasu, AZ)
13-16th Joseph Degura (Sydney, AUST) $100
Bob Brown (Leesville, LA)
David Carr (Oreana, IL)
George Coulter (North Port, FL)

Men’s Senior 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division
1st Buddy Wirt (Suffolk, VA) $300
2nd Tom Fankhauser (Decatur, IL) $200
3-4th Kenneth Cormier (North Port, FL) $100
Rodney Browne (Westlake, LA)
5-8th Richard Stekelburg (Drayton Valley, AB) $50
Billy Hale (Villeplatte, LA)
Jim Roller (Albuquerque, NM)
Donald Olin (Kingman, AZ)

Women’s Senior 8-Ball Singles
1st Shawn Modelo (Antioch, CA) $1,000 + Trophy
2nd Kim Anderson (Boise, ID) $700 + Trophy
3rd Jill Nagel (Papillion, NE) $430 + Trophy
4th Milianne Chin (San Francisco, CA) $225
5-6th Dianne Thompson (Ft. Worth, TX) $100
Connie Lackey (Portage, IN)

Women’s Senior 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division
1st Suellen Romesburg (Dover, PA) $200
2nd Lee White (Peoria, AZ) $100
3-4th Robbin Grammatico (Peoria, AZ) $50
Clare Marsh (Bellevue, NE)

Super Senior 8-Ball Singles
1st Milton Strack (Monticello, IL) $1,200 + Trophy
2nd Jonathan Hahn (Kelso, WA) $800 + Trophy
3rd Mark Grooms (Golden Valley, AZ) $560 + Trophy
4th Don Harp (Riverside, CA) $375
5-6th Glenn Gardner (Calgary, AB) $225
Neil Cairns (Homeland, CA)
7-8th Roy Skenandore, WI $125
Glen Gares (Albuquerque, NM

Super Senior 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division
1st Madison Adkins (Winchester, KY) $300
2nd Dexter Gondo (Brookfield, IL) $200
3-4th Harold Bare (Proctorville, OH) $100
Vincent Modelo (Antioch, CA)

Master Scotch Doubles
1st Jessica Frideres/ Dustin Gunia (NE/IA) $1,000 + Trophies
2nd Beth Fondell/ Jerrod Frideres (MN/IA) $600 + Trophies
3rd Debra Aarens/ Walter Glass (NV) $400 + Trophies
4th Cynthia Sliva/ Edward Mataya (WA) $250
5-6th Jill Nagel/ Roger Edgar (NE) $100
Meredith Swoope/ Juan Holmes (VA)

Open Scotch Doubles
1st Samantha Patton/ Madison Adkins (KY) $1,500 + Trophies
2nd Mary Rayner/ Brian Bird (AB) $1,000 + Trophies
3rd Jennifer Hawthorne/Ryan Keeney (PA) $800 + Trophies
4th Shawn Modelo/ Vincent Modelo (CA) $650
5-6th Teresa Perser/ Derrick Cantu (LA) $500
Sondra Friestad/ Jason Osborn (NV)
7-8th Kristine Chamberlain/ Anthony Updegraff (PA) $375
Leslee Davis/ Dale Stanley (FL)
9-12th Jennifer Engels/ Albert Barlow (AZ) $250
Teri Curtis/ Michael Hogan (CO)
Mimi McAndrews/ Xavier Sotelo (FL)
Christina Kolkhorst/ Brad Huffman (NV)
13-16th Joyce Murphy/ Bob Staeck (VA) $150
Jodi Hirning/ Willie Adamek (AZ)
Jean Renee Hendricks/ David Whyte (MN)
Brendee Wilson/ Robert Klie (VA)
17-24th Stephanie Thompson/ Steve Smoke (ON) $100
Ashley Cook/ Johnnie DeRamus (LA)
Diane Thompson/ Blas Andrade (TX)
Tiffiny Ebner/ John Hughes (VA)
Tracy Langley/ Ronald Martin (AZ)
Alena Joyce/ Joe Wood (VA)
Debbie Lockley/ Ryan Martinez (CO)
Cathy Kavanaugh/ Shawn Fleming (NF)

Men’s Open 8-Ball Teams
1st American Legion Post #313 (KY) $3,500 + Trophies
2nd Badd Company (MN) $2,000 + Trophies
3rd Malarkey’s (WA) $1,200 + Trophies
4th Blue Jays (WA) $800
5-6th Wrecking Crew (LA) $500
Silver Cue 2 (KY)
7-8th Main Event (SC) $400
Grumpy Old Men (IL)
9-12th Brass Bell I (VA) $300
Fall’s Hotel (PA)
Las Vegas Cue Club (NV)
Zang ! (AB)
13-16th Southern Style (LA) $200
Knuckleheads (VA)
7-11 Bar (NV)
Ballbusters (BC)

Men’s Open 8-Ball Teams – Sportsman Division
1st Squires Fryars (KY) $400
2nd Gator Done (FL) $300
3-4th Patos (NV) $200
Q’S Vegas Team (FL)
5-8th Water Way (PA) $100
DVPL Studs (CA)
Denver Poolplayers (CO)
Renegades (FL)

Women’s Open 8-Ball Teams
1st Smokin’ 8s (NV) $1,750 + Trophies
2nd I Had A Plan (NV) $1,200 + Trophies
3rd Which Witch Is Which (NE) $800 + Trophies
4th Diamonds In The Rough (IL) $500
5-6th Chalk Teasers (AB) $300
Smokin’ Okies (OK)

Women’s Open 8-Ball Teams – Sportsman Division
1st Grand Larsen E (IL) $400
2nd Devils Spit (AZ) $300
3-4th Bring It On (ON) $200
Silver Fox Tails (AZ)

Men’s Standard 8-Ball Teams
1st Tuesday – Rich (NV) $2,000 + Trophies
2nd Newfie Bullets (NF) $1,425 + Trophies
3rd MFS 1 (GA) $1,000 + Trophies
4th Footers Rack Attack (VA) $700
5-6th Tiburon (TX) $500
Damaged Goods (AB)
7-8th Steel Curtain (NY) $300
The Hit Men (CO)
9-12th Mad Dogz (AB) $200
The Tribe (BC)
Finish Line (IL)
Moose Devastators (AZ)

Men’s Standard 8-Ball Teams – Sportsman Division
1st Roadhouse (AZ) $500
2nd T.P.Q. (AB) $300
3rd Bubba’s Friends (KY) $250

Women’s Standard 8-Ball Teams
1st Flawless (TX) $1,200 + Trophies
2nd Footers (VA) $800 + Trophies
3rd Finish Line (IL) $500 + Trophies
4th Ready Room Killer B’s (VA) $325

Women’s Standard 8-Ball Teams – Sportsman Division
1st On Cue (OK) $300
2nd Felt On Table (ON) $200
3-4th Shut Up N Shoot (MN) $150
Chalked N Dangerous (ON)

Men’s Masters 9-Ball Teams
1st Fort McMurray (AB) $2,000 + Trophies
2nd Smokies Bob (VA) $1,000 + Trophies

Women’s Open 9-Ball Teams
1st Which Witch Is Which (NE) $1,000 + Trophies
2nd Smokin’ 8s (NV) $750 + Trophies
3rd Grand Larsen E (IL) $500 + Trophies
4th Knaw Kaw Min (WA) $350
5-6th Diamonds In The Rough (IL) $200
DVPL Dudettes (CA)

Women’s Open 9-Ball Teams – Sportsman Division
1st Northern 9ilaterz (AZ) $300
2nd Pajama Mama’s (OK) $200

Men’s Open 9-Ball Teams
1st Malarkey’s (WA) $2,000 + Trophies
2nd Mike’s Team/ Silver Cue (KY) $1,300 + Trophies
3rd Wizards of Awe (AB) $800 + Trophies
4th Brass Bell (VA) $525
5-6th Cope (WA) $300
Out of Line Guys (IL)
7-8th Wrecking Crew I (LA) $200
American Legion Post # 313
9-12th Kentucky Head Hunters (KY) $150
O Town (WI)
Aces & Ales (NV)
13-16th Jam’n (FL) $100
Footers Heat (VA)
Sink Full of Prime Rib (NF)
Shark Attack (LA)

Men’s Open 9-Ball Teams – Sportsman Division
1st Liquid Plumbers (CO) $500
2nd Sharks (MO) $300
3-4th Q’s Crew (FL) $100
Southern Style (LA)

6th Annual ACS National Artistic Pool Championship
Open Shootout #1
1st Harry Kernodle (Norfolk, VA) $200 + Plaque + $200 Special Shootouts
2nd Jason Kane (New York, NY) $125 + Plaque
3rd John Alexis (St. Paul, MN) $75
4th Jeff Paxton (Sedalia, MO) $50
5th Dustin Gunia (Omaha, NE) $30
6th Sean Martinez (Albuquerque, NM) $30
7th Ike Runnels (Kankakee, IL) $10
7th Merle Trivitt (York, PA) $10
7th Scott Thurston (Seattle, WA) $10
7th Tom Fankhauser (Decatur, IL) $10

Open Shootout #2
1st Willie Adamek (Phoenix, AZ) $200 + Plaque
2nd Harry Kernodle (Norfolk, VA) $125 + Plaque + $200 Special Shootouts
3rd Connie Eddins (San Diego, CA) $75
4th Jason Kane (New York, NY) $50
5th Leroy Davis (Charleston, SC) $30
6th Jerrod Frideres (Fort Dodge, IA) $30
7th Milton Stack (Monticello, IL) $10
8th Allen Cochran (Crystal River, FL) $10
9th Biff Bowden (Charleston, SC) $10
10th Jim Dozier (Scotia, NY) $10

Speed Pool Challenge

1st Jerrod Frideres (Fort Dodge, IA) $100 + Cue + Trophy
2nd Edward Mataya (Tacoma, WA) $50 + Cue
3rd James Blackman (Cold Lake, AB) $25 + Cue
4th Keith Butler $10 + Cue

1st Christy Goldsmith (Las Vegas, NV) $75 + Cue + Trophy
2nd Stacey Lantz (St. Petersburg, FL) $50 + Cue

Scotch Doubles Best Dressed:
Lonnie Rene Hecker and Andrew Lescallette (VA)

Men’s Best Dressed Team:
Moose Devastators (Bullhead City, AZ)

Women’s Best Dressed Team:
I Had A Plan (Las Vegas, NV)

League Operators of the Year:
Billy Bowen – North Texas 8 Ball League (Roanoke, TX)
Billy Huff – Beaumont Pool League (Beaumont, TX)
Duke Shaw – Central Illinois Pool League (Pekin, IL)
Sharon Smith – N.F.W.H. Pool League (Evergreen Park, IL)
Mike Wilson – Southern Amusement Pool League (Norfolk, VA)

Referee of the Year:
Tom Fankhauser (Decatur, IL)

Image Gallery to be included shortly.

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