Rice and Depriene Snap Off Viking Billiards Events

Rice and Depriene Victorious on Viking Tour
Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour / Memphis, TN

by InsidePOOL Staff

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour made its way to Memphis, TN, the weekend of April 25-26, where David Rice took down the amateur-advanced division, while Luc Depriene won the amateur division. The stop was hosted by Sharpshooters Billiards and Grill, where the participants were greeted with recently recovered 18 bar tables and 4 nicely kept 9-foot tables.

Rice racked up his second win on The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour this weekend. After drawing a bye in round one, Rice proceeded to eliminate his competition, defeating Nathan Melone 11-0, Jerry Wildman Jr. 11-3, Floyd Reasons 11-4, and Doug James 11-10. Rice lost in set one of the double-elimination format to Charlie Lane 11-9 but was able to make a comeback in set two to win the tournament 11-4.

Lane began his trek to the finals in the top half of the brackets and was sent to the left side of the chart after one round. He bested Gary Baker 11-8 before his loss to James 11-9. Once on the one-loss side Lane defeated Josh Woods 11-8, Harold McAbee 11-8, Reasons 11-7, and Jeremy Stufflebean 11-4. Once again he faced James in the semifinals, but this time Lane was victorious, winning 11-9 to make his way to the finals.

David Rice took off the Amateur Advanced tournament.

David Rice took off the Amateur Advanced tournament.

Depriene won the amateur division in set one of the double-elimination format by making his way undefeated to the finals. Depriene defeated Terrie Janis 7-0, Brandie Waymire 7-1, Robert Agee 7-3, Jason Evans 7-4, Floyd Reasons 7-6, and then John Frey 7-4 in the hot seat match. Frey made his way back across the chart to face Depriene once more in the finals, but Depriene was in stroke, winning set one 7-2.

Luc Depriene snapped off the Amateur event.

Luc Depriene snapped off the Amateur event.

Amateur-Advanced Results:
1st David Rice $760
2nd Charlie Lane $400
3rd Doug James $300
4th Jeremy Stufflebean $200
5th Joe Montoya $100
Floyd Reasons

Amateur Results:
1st Luc Depriene $800
2nd Jon Frey $500
3rd Harold McAbee $300
4th Jason Evans $150
5th Paul Dodge $80
Floyd Reasons
7th Dwight Anderson $50
Matt Martin

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