Dragon Promotions Agrees to Sanction with the WPA

Press Release by Dragon Promotions

Dragon Promotions release this press release.

It is unfortunate that Mr Gre Leenders a representative of the EPBF and the World Pool Association (WPA) would release such a misleading and inaccurate statement as he did during the midst of contract negotiations. It is apparent that the person responsible has been misdirected and lacked information. It is our hope that such a haste and inconsiderate action has not tainted the world of billiards.

Considering the current global economic climate and detrimental state of the billiard world, the production of a new event such as our Women’s World 10-Ball Championship would boost our industry with encouragement and that we would be a welcomed relief to the sport.


Charlie Williams and Dragon Promotions have released a press release.

Charlie Williams and Dragon Promotions have released a press release.

In an additional statement sent to federations , Mr. Gre Leender states, “Aprox two weeks ago the WPA was approached by Dragon Promotions concerning this World Championship. They asked what the criteria would be to sanction this event”.


At this time, we would like to state that DP had been in contact with members of the WPA since early 2008 to plan the details of the Women’s World 10-Ball Championship. The event in question has been approved for DP to continue progress in writing by the WPA President since April 2008. Sanctioning requirements were then discussed. Since April of 2008 Dragon Promotions have been planning this event with the support of the WPA.


In January 2009 the dates were checked with no conflicts on the WPA calendar and contract negotiations continued. The original requirements for sanctioning had been changed by the WPA which caused a delay in finalizing the agreement. Even with the changes, DP continued working with the WPA. To our surprise in the midst of working through the details of the contract, the dates that we had selected was taken by another event which caused the date conflict. As stated in a letter from Dragon Promotions to the WPA directors dated March 2, 2009 DP stated, “DP will move forward with the event and we will leave the door open to future talks in your hands.”

Dragon Promotions believes that the pool world should be competing with other sports, and not waste valuable time and resources fighting amongst people within our own billiard community who we feel should be supporting us. Despite the differences, DP and the WPA have come to a mutual agreement that will continually enrich the world of billiards and its players.

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