Unrest at Day 4 of Derby Billiards Event

Day 4 of the11th Annual Derby City Classic was shrouded in mystery due to continued technical issues being experienced at the tournament desk. To put it simply, there is very little way to know who is actually undefeated. Some people are still showing up undefeated that were eliminated from the tournament.

The final three players of the banks division are Johnathan Pinegar, Rudolofo Luat and John Brumback. Rudolfo is undefeated and awaiting the winner of Brumback and Pinegar in the finals.

Van Boening took down the legendary Efren "The Magician" Reyes in late night action at the Derby City Classic.

Van Boening took down the legendary Efren "The Magician" Reyes in late night action at the Derby City Classic.

One highlight from the tournament action on Monday featured Corey Deuel forfeiting his one-pocket match. Deuel’s is scheduled to leave on Thursday and he was not planning to play in the 9-ball, but if he had done well in the banks and one-pocket then he was going to change his flight to stay and play in the 9 ball.

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One highlight from the tournament action saw John Pinegar defeating Scott Frost after being down 2-0.

The Bank Division semis and finals have been rescheduled to Wednesday night instead of Tuesday because there are too many players in the one-pocket due to the technical issues. Many players are not happy and with many are speculating that they’re not coming back.

In late action, Shane Van Boening defeated Efren Reyes in a high-stakes challenge match, 23-19.

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Johnathan Pinegar talks about the Derby City Classic tournament and his life as a pool player.

Shane Van Boening discusses the Derby City Classic with Cristina De La Garza

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