See and Louie Split Mini as Fatboy Challenge Begins

Derby City Classic XI

At midnight Saturday evening, the Fatboy Challenge, which boasted a $4,000-added, $1,000 entry fee format that featured 10-ball on 9-foot tables, kicked off with 16 participants. The ultimate winner will take home $10,000.

The tournament will take place over the course of four days, with the finals taking place Tuesday on the Accu-Stats table. In the first round, Shane Van Boening lost to Lee Van Corteza 15-9. Van Boening was breaking great but missed some uncharacteristic shots. Though Van Boening was ahead for much of the match, Corteza eventually caught him and showed him an early exit.

Reigning 10-ball champion Darren “Dynamite” Appleton defeated Rafael Martinez 15-11, even though Appleton said his game was a bit off. Mika Immonen defeated Charlie Bryant by the same score after a tension-fraught match.

In the remaining matches, Efren Reyes defeated fellow Filipino Jose Parica 15-11, Francisco Bustamante bested Johnathan Pinegar 15-7, John Morra ousted Mike Dechaine 15-11, Steve Moore eliminated Corey Deuel 15-7, and Ralf Souquet defeated Marcus Chamat 15-12. The Fatboy Challenge will continue Sunday at midnight.

The first of three mini tournaments was the 9-ball mini. The entry fee was $30, and the format was a race to 5, single elimination. They had a full field of 64 players. The event began at 1 a.m., and the last match finished at 5:30 a.m. when Huidji See asked Dan Louie and Shannon Murphy if they would mind splitting after they had finished in the semifinals. Louie and See split top honors, each taking home $700.

See and Louie (pictured) split the 9-Ball Mini tournament at the Derby City Classic.

See and Louie (pictured) split the 9-Ball Mini tournament at the Derby City Classic.

9-Ball Mini Results:
1st Huidji See
Dan Louie
3rd Shannon Murphy
Tyler Edey
5th Glenn Atwell
Yannick Beaufils
Dave Grossman
Gary Gentry

In the 9-ball banks division, Thorsten Hohmann was down 2-0 against his opponent. His opponent ran four off his next break, but Hohmann, the 2003 World Pool 9-Ball Championships winner, came back to win the next three games in a row to take the match 3-2.

The one-pocket draw was scheduled for today but was delayed for an hour or two due to technical difficulties, which are also affecting the bank pool draw. The banks division has already whittled down to about 100 players and is scheduled to finish up Monday evening.

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The Straight Pool Challenge also began today, with a whopping $10,000 added. So far the high run belongs to John “Mr. 403” Schmidt with 153. A $100 entry gets a player four tries on three different days, and no player will be allowed more than twelve tries in the preliminary rounds. The finals are set for Thursday and Friday. 

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