Schmidt Steals One-Pocket Finals From Frost

Derby City Classic XI

by InsidePOOL Staff

Out of the 333 players who entered the one-pocket division at the Derby City Classic, one emerged triumphant after his final match against Scott “The Freezer” Frost. John “Mr. 403” Schmidt surprised almost everybody by taking first place over the more seasoned Frost, with it the first-place prize.

In the semifinals, Schmidt matched up with Jose “Amang” Parica, while Frost met Jeremy Jones. At 1-all, Parica sold out, and Schmidt was able to clear the table for the hill. A poor safety by Parica in the final game left Schmidt the run-out, and he took the match 3-1.

Schmidt made short work of the One Pocket division finals of the 11th Annual Derby City Classic.

Schmidt made short work of the One Pocket division finals of the 11th Annual Derby City Classic.

With Frost up 1-0 against Jones, “Double J” only needed one ball to get out, and while Frost had left him frozen on the rail for the spot shot, he played three-rail short-size position to get out. Now tied at 1-all, Jones scratched on a safety and, in frustration, cracked his cue stick on the table, breaking the butt. Frost took ball in hand and ran out for the lead. A sell-out by Frost, though, allowed Jones back in the match, making it 2-2. In the final rack, Frost ran 7 balls when he got an opening and then played a weak safety. Jones was able to run 6 balls but got funny on his next ball, and after a series of safeties, Frost made a sweet bank to win.

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In the photo-finish lag for the break in the finals, Frost won. Schmidt whiffed a ball, bringing his score into the negative region, and a few more mistakes on Schmidt’s behalf led to Frost winning the first game 8 to -1. Schmidt broke in the second game, and Frost miscued, at which point Schmidt ran 8 and out. Astonishingly, Frost broke and scratched in the third game, and again Schmidt capitalized, running 8 and out for the hill. A poor break by Schmidt gave Frost 2 balls in the next rack, and then they traded safeties until Frost’s cue ball got away from him and he scratched. Schmidt ran 8 and out again for the win.

The current points leaders in the race for the all-around title are John Brumback with 145, Johnathan Pinegar with 130, and Rodolfo Luat with 100.

In the 9-ball division, Schmidt remains undefeated, as does Brumback, who defeated Efren Reyes earlier. Defending champion Ralf Souquet is still alive, as are Johnny Archer, Darren Appleton, Larry Nevel, and Tyler Edey.

In the Straight Pool Challenge: There were eight players who began play Thursday. Danny Harriman defeated Huidji See, while Thorsten Hohmann defeated Corey Deuel. In today’s matches, Darren Appleton matched up with Beau Runningen, while Schmidt played Charlie Williams.

Out of the 11 innings involved in the Appleton-Runningen match, 9 were safety play. The final score was 100-27, with Appleton notching a high run of 85. Schmidt destroyed Williams 100-17 in their match and then went on to play more one-pocket. Schmidt’s high run was 53, and the match was over in five innings. In the semifinals, Schmidt will play Harriman, and Appleton will play Hohmann.

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John Schmidt discusses his win in the One Pocket division against Scott Frost.

John Schmidt talks before the One Pocket finals at the Derby City Classic.

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