Derby City Classic Dazzles on Day 2

By Inside Pool Staff

Of the original 398 hopefuls in the bank pool event, only 148 remain by then end of Day 2 and the Derby City Classic is still in the midst of Round Four. One Pocket and Round Five will begin by 1 o’clock on Sunday.

On the TV table today, Thorsten “The Hitman” Hohmann bashed Gabe “The Babe” Owen with an 8 ball run right out of the gate. Hohmann banked out the first rack and ran the first three of the second rack. This gave Owen his first loss. After buying back, he was then eliminated by 2003 bank pool champion, Danny Harriman.

Thorsten “The Hitman” Hohmann crushed Gabe “The Babe” Owen with an 8 ball run right out of the gate.

Thorsten “The Hitman” Hohmann crushed Gabe “The Babe” Owen with an 8 ball run right out of the gate.

Bustamante almost received a free pass when a slight error indicated he had not used his buy-back option yet. Karen Corr defeated Darrell Abernathy, a contender from the previous night’s bank pool Ring Game. Unfortunately, her streak was brought to an end in the following round by Steve Hancock of Edinburg, Indiana. In a surprising upset, Jeanette Lee took down Scott Frost in a hill-hill grinder and John Amiss defeated Ring Game Champ, Brian Gregg after Gregg could not keep the cue ball out of the pocket.

At the stroke of midnight, the Fatboy Challenge kicked off with a maximum 16-player field, race-to-15, and single-elimination 10-ball event. The steep $1,000 entry did keep any big names from shying away. $4,000 is added for a total purse of $20,000 ($10,000 for first, $5,000 for second, and $2,500 for third-fourth). This event will continue over the three days and with a TV-table finals match.

Only one round was played on this initial evening. Round 1 match-ups:
Efren Reyes vs. Jose Parica
Ralf Souquet vs. Marcus Chamat
Darren Appleton vs. Rafael Martinez
Shane Van Boening vs. Lee Van Corteza
Francisco Bustamante vs. Jonathan Pinegar
Mike Deschaine vs. Mika Immonen
Corey Deuel vs. Stevie Moore

Derby City Classic Streaming
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In the early morning hours on Sunday, the 9-Ball Mini Tournament was underway with a full 64 player field that was closed before the event even began. Of the 64 players, only eight remained by 5a.m. Some of these names include Seattle’s Dan Louie and Holland’s Huidi See.


Jeanette Lee discusses defeating Scott Frost and her latest projects.

Ralf Souquet talks about 2008 and his outlook for 2009 at the 11th Annual Derby City Classic.

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