Derby City Billiards Event Plot Thickens

Derby City Classic XI

by InsidePOOL Staff

The 9-ball division continues at the Eleventh Annual Derby City Classic. Entering round four, the 341-player field has been whittled down to 126. bank pool champion John Brumback and third-place finisher Johnathan Pinegar are both still undefeated as yet. Their high finishes in the one-pocket division make them the current points leaders in contention for the All-Around Champion award.

Earlier in the 9-ball division, WPBA pro Karen “The Irish Invader” Corr was defeated by Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant 7-1, in which Bryant three-fouled Corr for the match. The deflated Corr was in rare form, missing shots and seeming distracted. She lost her next match as well after exercising her buy-back option. Still undefeated, though, are Shane Van Boening, Johnny Archer, and 2008’s All-Around champion, Francisco Bustamante.

Coming off of his Music City victory, all eyes are falling upon Johnathan Pinegar at the 11th Annual Derby City Classic.

Coming off of his Music City victory, all eyes are falling upon Johnathan Pinegar at the 11th Annual Derby City Classic.

Of the original 333 players in the one-pocket division, six players completed the eleventh and final round of the evening. John “Mr. 403” Schmidt defeated Robert Melrose 3-0 in a record-breaking 41 minutes, while Jose Parica played Scott “The Freezer” Frost and Jeremy Jones played Pinegar. Frost defeated Parica 3-1 after a series of mistakes by the diminutive Filipino. Parica still has a buy-back option. Jones eliminated Pinegar 3-1 after a controversial match. The four players to return tomorrow will be Jones, Frost, Parica, and Schmidt, and all are still undefeated.

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Jay Helfert and friends raised $800 for a one-pocket challenge that has taken place in a side room over the past couple days. The entry is $50 for three attempts at the highest accumulative score from five racks, with 75 as the perfect score. Players break 15 balls and shoot from there, with no ball in hand.

Of the $2,000 total purse, 4 places were paid, and there were 24 entries. U. S. Open 9-Ball champion Mika “Iceman” Immonen captured the first and second place with runs of 53 and 50, receiving a combined pay-out of $1,300 ($800 + $500). Reigning 10-ball world champion Darren Appleton received $500 for his 50-ball run, and Efren “Bata” Reyes received $200 for his 47-ball run. Helfert reported that he was quite impressed with the level of play in this challenge. In all, there were 13 perfect runs of 15.

Thursday began the eight-player single-elimination tournament of the Straight Pool Challenge. Two matches were held on the Accu-Stats table today: Danny Harriman vs. Huidji See, and Thorsten Hohmann vs. Corey Deuel. Accu-Stats is offering bonus payouts of $500 for a 100+ ball run, $1,000 for 150-ball run, and $1,000 for a high run over 154. These runs must take place on the arena table.

Harriman vs. Huiji
Harriman ran 49 balls and played for the perfect side-pocket break shot. When the cue ball hit the stack, it curved off the rack and scratched in the same side pocket. A distraught Harriman collapsed to the ground. See jumped to the table and ran a 52. His 53rd ball was shot with so much force, it hit the back of the pocket and jumped back onto the table. Harriman closed out the set and continued his run for the bonus dollars. Unfortunately, he came just four balls shy with a 96.

Hohmann vs. Deuel
This match took seven innings and began with a series of misses and safeties until Deuel finally left Hohmann an opening. He took advantage of it by running 75 and out. He, too, continued his run but came two balls shy of 100. If a player is at 50 or more balls at the end of a match, they’re permitted to continue their run.

Tomorrow will be Beau Runningen vs. Appleton and Schmidt vs. Charlie Williams.


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Scott Frost discusses his match with Shannon Daulton, the Derby City Classic and his new shaft.

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