Brumback Takes Derby City Banks Event

Corteza Wins Fatboy Challenge

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John Brumback, BCA National Banks champion and two-time Derby City Classic banks runner-up, bested Rodolfo Luat in the finals of the 9-ball banks division of the Eleventh Annual Derby City Classic. Additionally, Lee Van Corteza took first place in the Fatboy 10-Ball Challenge, winning over Ralf Souquet in the finals.

In the semifinals, Brumback matched up with Johnathan Pinegar from Huntsville, AL. Pinegar is a two-time Music City Open champion and has only played in four banks events. At 1-0 Brumback, the Owenton, KY, resident missed an aggressive bank and allowed Pinegar back in the match. After a short break at 1 apiece, both players traded innings until Brumback gained the hill 2-1. Pinegar played offensively in the next rack, running four balls. At that point Brumback got back in the match, and after some back-and-forth play, Pinegar made a long bank to make it hill-hill. With Brumback up four balls in the final rack, Pinegar notched a ball and then another two. After trading some defensive shots, Brumback scored the final game.

An emotional John Brumback took down the 9-Ball Banks division at the 2009 Derby City Classic.

An emotional John Brumback took down the 9-Ball Banks division at the 2009 Derby City Classic.

Going into the finals, Luat had no losses, while Brumback suffered one loss, and that was to Scott Frost in the seventh round. In the first set, there was only one missed ball, with the game going to Brumback. Luat countered by taking the second game and then ran three off his break, but Brumback put that game under his belt to take the lead 2-1. More defensive play followed, with both missing several shots, but Brumback sold out, and Luat ran three to win, making it hill-hill. The last game was another grind; at 3-0 Brumback he missed a long, straight-back bank. This was followed by a series of misses, but Brumback prevailed to force the second set.

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A smiling Lee Van Corteza shut down the always-strong Ralf Souquet in the finals of the Fatboy Challenge at the Derby City Classic.

A smiling Corteza shut down the always-strong Ralf 'The Surgeon' Souquet in the finals of the Fatboy Challenge at the Derby City Classic.

Brumback won the first rack decisively 5-1, with Luat countering by winning the next. Another convincing win for Brumback in the third rack 5-2 put him on the hill. A strong run in the final rack handed Brumback the 3-1 victory, his first at the Derby City Classic.

In the Straight Pool Challenge, Tuesday’s high runs have been Darren Appleton with 114, Beau Runningen with 99, and Charlie Williams with 85. So far the top eight in the leader board are John “Mr. 403” Schmidt with 154, Corey Deuel with 153, Huidji See with 114, Darren Appleton with 114, Beau Runningen with 100, Danny Harriman with 93, Charlie Williams with 85, and Bob Hunter with 80.

In the final match of the Fatboy 10-Ball Challenge, Souquet and Corteza met on the Accu-Stats table. While Corteza didn’t make a ball on the break until his eighth break, Souquet exhibited severe troubles at the table and never seemed to get into a rhythm. Souquet only held the lead once during the match, at 3-2, and Corteza was able to dominate it easily. The first break and run-out didn’t occur until the nineteenth rackā€”at 11-8, Souquet broke and ran out. Ultimately Corteza was able to walk away the 15-11 winner, claiming the $10,000 first-place prize.

In the one-pocket division, the field has been whittled from 333 to 118 and will conclude Friday evening. The 9-ball division kicks off Wednesday.

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