Kressel and Eliazar Earn Tiger Pool Stop

Kressel and Eliazar Earn Tiger Pool Stop
Tiger Pool Tour / Winchester, VA

by Skip Maloney

Larry Kressel and Cheryl Squire earned top honors at the Tiger Planet Pool Tour.

Larry Kressel and Cheryl Squire earned top honors at the Tiger Planet Pool Tour.

Larry Kressel withstood two potent challenges by Shawn Putnam to capture first place in the open division of the Tiger Pool Tour stop on the weekend of December 13-14. In the ladies’ division, Cheryl Squire, in addition to placing second in tour point totals for the year, came back from a defeat in the hot seat match to win the finals. The $1,000-added open event drew 62 entrants to Blue Fox Billiards in Winchester, VA, while 13 entrants took part in the $500-added ladies’ tournament.

Kressel was gaining momentum as he moved into the final three matches. He sent Brandon Shuff to the one-loss side 9-1 before facing Putnam in the hot seat match. Putnam, fresh off a 9-7 win over Alan Duty, battled to double-hill before heading west to eventually meet Sam Monday in the semifinals.

Monday had worked his way from among the event’s final 12 competitors, defeating Andy Lincoln 7-1 and Ryan McCreesh 7-6 before facing Shuff. John Newton, in the meantime, defeated Matt Krah 7-6 and Shawn Toni 7-5 for the right to meet Duty. It was Shuff and Duty dropping into the tie for fifth, as Newton and Monday moved into the quarterfinals. Monday advanced 7-3 to meet Putnam, who moved back to a rematch versus Kressel with a 7-4 win.

Kressel looked to have things pretty much in control from the start in the finals, jumping out to what looked to be an insurmountable 8-0 lead in the race to 11. Putnam, though, started to chip away, winning two in a row, before giving up the eleventh game. He won two more to make it 9-4 before Kressel reached the hill. Kressel came up dry on the subsequent break and Shawn added three to his total, before Kressel closed it out 11-7 and brought home the first-place prize.

From among the winners’ side final four, Squire, in the ladies’ event, sent Ceci Strain to the one-loss side 7-2, as Rachel Eliazar did the very same thing to Falon Fairleigh. Eliazar sent Squire to the semifinals, gaining the hot seat, and waited for her return. Strain went on to defeat Tiffany Adams 5-1 and met Spring Helligragh in the quarterfinals. She shut Helligragh out and faced Squire.

Squire jumped out to an early 3-0 lead, and after Strain got a single point on the board, reached the hill. Strain battled back to win the next two, but Squire closed it out and moved back for her rematch versus Eliazar. Squire took an early lead that she never relinquished, finally defeating Eliazar 9-4 and capturing the first-place prize.

Open Results:
1st Larry Kressel $1,000
2nd Shawn Putnam $670
3rd Sam Monday $450
4th John Newton $300
5th Alan Duty $200
Brandon Shuff
7th Shawn Toni $140
Ryan McCreesh
9th Russ O’Baker $90
Matt Krah
Andy Lincoln
William Moon

Ladies’ Results:
1st Cheryl Squire $350
2nd Rachel Eliazar $230
3rd Ceci Strain $150
4th Spring Helligragh $100
5th Falon Farleigh
Tiffany Adams
7th Lea Andrews
Tina Morsessis
9th Tina Maraglio
Ji-Hyun Park
Judie Wilson
Shelly Moubray

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