Parica Survives Pummeled Foot in Reno

Parica Survives Pummeled Foot in Reno
Reno Open / Reno, NV

Parica is managing to play well at the Reno open despite his ailing foot.

Parica is managing to play well at the Reno open despite his ailing foot.

The 46th Reno Open is in full swing Thursday, with 128 players left in the event, down from 167 of the original cast. In the winners’ side there are 48, with 80 languishing on the one-loss side. The event will whittle another 16 from the one-loss side Thursday evening and come back with a full program beginning at 11 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Sunday will see only the final four players return to vie for the $15,000 first-place prize.

There has been only one surprise upset in the elimination bracket so far, with Mark Tadd eliminating Tony Chohan. However, the winners’ bracket featured an interesting match-up between Jose Parica and fellow countryman Leonardo Andam. Two evenings ago Parica accidentally dropped his suitcase on his foot, causing him intense pain, though he did not get it checked out. He played and won his match Tuesday and then went into his match against Andam Thursday still in pain. Andam reached a 4-0 lead in the race to 9 before Parica began to catch up. He managed to knot the score at 5-all, at which point the match became a free-for-all, which Parica ultimately won 9-8. Staff member and nurse Janet Okomoto has since looked at his foot and treated him.

Elsewhere on the winners’ side, Louis Ulrich won the first three games against Corey Deuel in their match only to have Deuel turn the tables and win the next nine in a row. Deuel was again using his trademarked soft break, which by the Reno Open rules constitutes that he must either pocket a ball or drive five balls into the cushion. Deuel’s next match will be against Stan Tourangeau. Ernesto and Oscar Dominguez will also advance, the latter having just won a hill-hill match over “Mad Max” Eberle. Other famous names still surviving on the winners’ side include Gabe Owen, Steve Moore, Kim Davenport, Mike Davis, Charlie Bryant, Corey Harper, and Mary Rakin.

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