Iron Mike Reno Billiards Champ

Iron Mike Reno Billiards Champ

Reno Open / Reno, NV

by InsidePOOL Staff

Davis outlated the 167 player field of the Reno Open to capture the title.

Davis outlated the 167 player field of the Reno Open to capture the title.

After a grueling day at the 46th Reno Open, Mike “Iron Man” Davis has emerged victorious, taking his second title at the prestigious West Coast event that has long been a testing mark for players. He came through undefeated over a field of 167 players to take the first-place prize of $15,000.

To whittle down to the final four, Leonardo Andam and Steve Moore matched up with Stan Tourangeau and Corey Deuel, respectively, late Saturday night. Both Andam and Moore came through with few problems, with Andam eliminating Tourangeau 9-5 and Moore advancing 9-6 over Deuel.

Kicking off Sunday’s matches, Ernesto Dominguez and Davis, the only two players left who were undefeated, went head to head in the hot seat match. It was a tightly contested match, but Davis prevailed 9-7 to advance, while Dominguez was sent to the west side of the chart to see if he could make a comeback.

Fighting it out on in the quarterfinals, Andam and Moore struggled the entire way through their match to gain an edge, but neither player could manage it until Andam finally caught a break and won double-hill, dropping Moore into fourth place.

Andam went on to face Dominguez. Their match was fairly even until it reached 5 apiece, at which point Andam surged ahead and didn’t allow Dominguez another rack, winning 9-5 to head to the finals against Davis.

The two traded the first couple of racks, with each displaying superb shooting skills. However, with the score knotted at 2, Andam sprouted wings and shot ahead to 7-2. But he did not reckon on “Iron Man” making a comeback. Finding himself in control of the ball once again, Davis coolly put a five-pack down on Andam to tie the score at 7-all and then took the next two racks at all to leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that his nickname is well-earned and that he is the new Reno Open champion.

1st Mike Davis
2nd Leonardo Andam
3rd Ernesto Dominguez
4th Steve Moore
5th Stan Tourangeau
Corey Deuel
7th Ronnie Wiseman
Gabe Owen
9th Beau Runningen
Corey Harper
Jeff Carter
Michael Deitchman
13th Oscar Dominguez
Trevor Smith
Jeff Heath
Brian Parks
17th W. Anderson
J. Kaukanen
Charlie Bryant
Mary Rakin
Jim Fabionar
Louis Ulrich
Justin Whitehead
Melissa Little

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