Taylor is Overall Champion of Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup II

Taylor is Overall Champion of Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup II
Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup II / East Windsor, CT

by Skip Maloney

Dan Taylor scored 208 out of 240 possible points in the Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup II.

Dan Taylor scored 208 out of 240 possible points in the Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup II.

Dan Taylor not only won the overall championship of the Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup II, but in so doing, tallied a record 208 total points out of a possible 240 and won two of the individual disciplines in the tournament as well. His closest competitor and overall second-place finisher, Jamey Gray, scored 194 points and won two of the eight disciplines, both by winning tie-breakers. In all, 33 competitors were on hand to compete in the $15,000-added event, hosted by Big Shot Billiards and Bar in East Windsor, CT, the weekend of November 15-16.

According to Rossman, the Artistic Cup is formatted in a fashion somewhat similar to a golf tournament, in which a group of opponents (in this case, 11 groups of 3) square off to play a series of “holes” (eight specific disciplines in the overall category of artistic pool), recording their scores along the way. As the tournament progresses, the groups and individuals switch disciplines and continue to tally scores, leading ultimately to a player with the highest overall score, as well as individual winners in each of the eight disciplines: Trick and/or Fancy Shots, Prop/Novelty and Special Arts, Draw Shots, Follow Shots, Bank/Kick, Stroke, Jump and Massé Shots.

In addition to his overall victory, Taylor won both the Jump and Bank/Kick disciplines. Gray won the Massé and Draw Shot disciplines, accomplishing two tie-breaking wins to do so. The tie-breaker in all events is a shot set-up in which competitors must drive a cue ball into five rails, ending with it hitting a cue ball perched on a piece of chalk; points are awarded based on the final distance separating the driven cue ball away from the chalk-perched cue ball. Points are cumulative over three attempts. Third place overall was awarded to Nick “Quick Nick” Nikolaidis, who, though failing to win any of the eight disciplines, showed strong in the Trick and/or Fancy Shot, Draw, Stroke, and Follow categories, scoring 26 points out of possible 30 in each.

It was Andy “The Magic Man” Segal who finished fourth overall and won the Trick and/or Fancy Shot discipline. Chris Kelly and Chris Woodrum, the remaining two amateurs in the tournament, placed fifth and sixth and won the Prop/Novelty and Special Arts and Stroke disciplines, respectively. The final individual specialty event, the Follow discipline, was won by Steve Lillis, who ended up in a tie for thirteenth place.

1st Dan Taylor $5,000 + $200 as Jump and Bank Kick winner
2nd Jamey Gray $3,750 + $200 as Massé and Draw Shot winner
3rd Nick Nikolaidis $2,500
4th Andy Segal $1,750 + $100 as Trick and/or Fancy Shot winner
5th Chris Kelly $1,300 + $100 as Prop/Novelty and Special Arts winner
6th Chris Woodrum $1,000 + $100 as Stroke winner (Sportsmanship Award)
7th Mark Dimick $800
8th Jason Lynch $600
9th Dave Nangle $400
Mark Kulungian
Jamie Moody
Matt MacPhail

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