Junior Billiards Tour to Increase Events

Junior Billiards Tour to Increase Events

JR Players Qualifying Tour and Nationals

Viking Cues 9-Ball Tour will be increasing the number of junior's events.  The billiards tour is looking for billiard rooms to host this events.

Viking Cues 9-Ball Tour will be increasing the number of junior's events. The billiards tour is looking for billiard rooms to host this events.

The Viking Cue Junior 9-Ball Tour is currently seeking kid friendly billiard rooms all over the US along with tournament directors or room owners that are willing to donate their time directing the 128 billiard events we plan on hosting for the JR players. The 128 events reflects an increase from the originally scheduled 50 events.

The JR player tour will feature very low entry fees to the JR players and no membership fee. All of which will be accumulated for the Viking Cue Junior 9-Ball Tour Nationals in 2009. All monies collected from the JR players will be paid back 100% to the JR players at the end of year nationals. All payouts will be in the form of a US savings Bond to the JR Players. (Note: If a JR players wins $2,500 in cash they will receive a $5,000 US Savings Bond in lieu of the cash payment.)

Tournament directors and room owners, please call Mike Janis if you would like to be a part of this program. I can easily be reached on my cell phone anytime at 1-800-200-POOL (7665) .

Room owners, these JR events will only take a few hours in your pool room on either Saturday (DAY) or Sunday (Day) and will greatly benefit the future of our sport and your business.

From the Viking Cue JR 9-Ball Tours Promotional Information Distributed at the BCA Trade Show

The Viking Cue “Junior” 9-Ball Tour was founded in April of 2007. Since it’s inception the Junior tour has had over 600 Junior billiard athletes in our events.

Right now the junior player division gets our highest attention. The junior players are the crown jewel of the Viking Tour. These players will recognize the sponsors that helped to get them started and will more than likely become future consumers of our sponsors products. The Viking Tour and Viking Cues Mfg. strongly believes that investing in the juniors program is the future of our sport.

In the coming year, the Viking Tour will host fifty junior tournaments. Your sponsorship of the Viking Tour supports this program.

The sponsors that have jumped on board this program have donated many products that the Viking Cue Junior 9-Ball Tour will use as gifts to the host locations in return for any fees charged. These fees will help guarantee a scheduled National Championship and Promotional costs to help bring new JR players into our sport and your locations.
Room Owners, friends, and players alike. Due to a current trend in smoking laws / alcohol laws and such it has become increasingly difficult for the JR players to find a healthy environment that they are allowed to play in. As a result of this trend we are on the verge of losing the next generation of players and aspiring pros in our sport. I urge you to participate in this program or we also recommend BEF’s ( http://billiardeducation.org ) programs to help combat this trend. I hope you feel the same sense of urgency as we at the Viking Tour feel and you do your best to help encourage the next generation of players.

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