Williams Lucasi Hybrid Classic Billiard Event

Williams Lucasi Hybrid Classic Billiard Event

Charlie Williams dispatched Johnny Archer to claim the Lucasi Hybrid Classic title at Bankshot Billiards in Jacksonville, FL.

Player and¬†promoter Charlie Williams has won the Lucasi Hybrid Classic hosted by Bankshot Billiards in Jacksonville, FL.¬† It’s been pretty rare lately for Shane Van Boening to be playing in the semi-finals and to not win the event. The “South Dakota Kid” was handed two close losses on his road to the finals. Van Boening stayed undefeated all the way to the semi-finals where he met up with Johnny “The Scorpion” Archer and in no time, found himself down 6-1.

Never giving up, Van Boening ran the next four racks to stop the bleeding at 6-5 before missing a 10 ball to make it 6-6. A miscue here and some bad position there would send Van Boening to the B-side.

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There, he met up with Charlie “The Korean Dragon” Williams for an ultimate hill-hill showdown. Williams was up 6-3 when Van Boening pushed out to a jump shot in the middle of the table, jumped in the 1-8 combo as the crowd went crazy, only to leave himself jumping again at the 1 ball. This time, he jumped and banked the 1 into the 10 ball to win that game. A dry break by Van Boening came at the most inopportune time. A couple safeties on the 1 ball and Williams was at the table facing a tricky out that he strategically picked through. Williams would move on the take Archer in the finals.

The finals match against kicked off with Archer immediately ahead 3-1 before Williams ran away with the match. Williams was fast, loose, and confident. Up until this point, Williams was making announcements and helping to run the tournament between matches, but it didn’t seem to hurt him one bit. Williams was breaking great and pocketing balls on the break while Archer was not having much luck or opportunities. In the end a 10-5 victory would leave Williams the champion of his own promoted event.

1. Charlie Williams $4,000
2. Johnny Archer $2,000
3. Shane Van Boening $1,300
4. Tony Crosby $1,000
5. Mike Davis $800
6. Mika Immonen $800
7. Santos Sambajon, Jr. $600
8. Dennis Orcollo $600
9. Butch Croft $325
10. Thorsten Hohmann $325
11. David Broxson $325
12. David Grossman $325

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