Jentsch Experiences Ups and Downs in Jacksonville

Jentsch Experiences Ups and Downs in Jacksonville 

16 -year-old German phenom Dominic Jentsch lost in the finals of the U.S. Amateur Open but reversed his firutnes in the Lucasi Hybrid Classic straight pool event by defeating Mika Immonen, whom still holds onto the high run for the tournament.

16-year-old Dominic Jentsch from Germany showed that straight pool is more his flavor. He may have come in second in the Amateur Open event but had no trouble transitioning from 8-ball on the 8-foot table to straight pool on the 9-foot table. Fresh from his double-set loss in the finals, he took out his frustration on Mika “The Iceman” Immonen with a 125 to -3 victory, including a 70 ball run. Yikes! That’s a tremendous feat considering Immonen currently holds the tournament high run of 119.

Just behind Immonen is Thorsten Hohmann with a run of 118 before an unfortunate scratch off the back side of the stack after a break out ended the run. It’s no wonder the young Jentsch is such a superstar. He and Hohmann study with the same coach in Germany.

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The final 16 players now move on to a single elimination bracket. Due to the possible long matches from the nature of straight pool, this format helps with the time constraints. Some of the names you’ll recognize returning tomorrow are John “Mr. 400” Schmidt, Hohmann, Johnny Archer, Dennis Orcollo, and a cheerful Shane Van Boening who is competing in his inaugural 14.1 event.

Seeded in the top ten for his known abilities and top finishes in other professional events, when asked what his high run was, he responded, “I don’t know. 30?” Van Boening just sent Florida’s own Steve Moore to the one-loss when Moore missed two uncharacteristic ball-in-hand shots.

More highlights to come.

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