Hohmann Crowned Lucasi Hybrid Straight Pool Champion

Hohmann Crowned Lucasi Hybrid Straight Pool Champion

Thorsten Hohmann defeated Mika Immonen

It was a European finale. Two “Men” advanced to the finals. #2 seed, Mika “The Iceman” Immonen defeated Dennis Orcollo 150 to 49, while #1 seed, Thorsten “The Hitman” Hohmann took down Jacksonville’s own Dave Grossman 150 to 26, including a high run of 123 balls. While the first round of the 10-Ball event was kicked off around them, the two athletes would now play a single set race to 200 balls for the glory.

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Hohmann lost the lag and broke the opening rack. 52 balls later, Hohmann was at the table again. Attempting to hold the cue ball for the break shot, his object ball came short of the pocket after a brief run of only 3. Immonen ran 60 more balls to make it 112 to 3.

Then, Immonen over-stroked a break shot and found himself staring at table-length cut on the 14 ball. This would be his first miss. He didn’t realize how many balls it would cost him. Hohmann strung together textbook racks after racks. At 81 balls, we saw the first display of emotion from Hohmann. After bumping a ball out, he was faced with safety or a cross-side bank on the 6 ball. He took a few laps around the table and fired in the 6 and continued his run. At 113 to 112, he would find himself ahead in the match for the first time.

Topping the high run for the tournament with 167 balls, while shooting number 168, Hohmann force followed the 9 ball and tragically, the cue ball also forced through the rack and straight into the corner pocket. Immonen ran another 23 balls and both players were beginning to look a little fatigued. After some routine safety play from both players and back and forth intentional fouls, Immonen would let Hohmann return to the table one last time to pocket the 8 final balls to victory. Final score 200 to 156.

The 9-Ball division of the Ozone Billiards 3rd Annual US Amateur Open is also currently underway. Early favorites include, 16-year-old Dominic Jentsch who finished second in the 8-Ball and 7th in the straight pool event. He’s maximizing his chances, playing in the Open, Juniors, and pro 10-Ball event. In the Women division 8-Ball winner Monica Riley had a déjà vu rematch with runner-up Samm Diep where the results where the game was different but the results were the same after Diep scratched on two 9 balls and hung a 6 and 7. More to come on the other divisions.

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