Feijen is Predator World 14.1 Straight Pool Champion

Feijen is Predator World 14.1 Straight Pool Champion

By Inside POOL staff

niels fiejen champ Feijen is Predator World 14.1 Straight Pool Champion

Niels "The Terminator" Feijen added the Predator World 14.1 Straight Pool Championship to his resume by beating Filipino billiards legend Francisco "Django" Bustamante in the finals, 200-11.

After six strenuous days filled with nothing but straight pool, Niels Feijen has come out on top of a 64-player field at the Predator World Straight Pool Championships. Hosted by the Hilton Hotel, this prestigious event brought the finest players in the world together to vie for this 14.1 title.

In the first semifinal match, Feijen and fellow countryman Nick Van Den Berg went head to head, with Van den Berg taking the early lead. However, Van den Berg suffered from nerves in this match—mainly because of the 30-second shot clock and the referee calling every ball—and couldn’t maintain his focus. Feijen, on the other hand, displayed superior composure while putting runs together, running 62 from the start and then 40 in the next inning. After Van den Berg’s final error, though, Feijen went 60 and out to advance to the finals 200-157.

The second semifinal match featured the veteran Francisco “Django” Bustamante versus Jasmin Ouschan, the young Austrian who burst onto the U.S. pool scene when she won the 2006 EnjoyPool.com 9-Ball Championships over Allison Fisher in the finals. For Ouschan to make it this far in a male-dominated tournament was not unheard of, as she tied for fifth place in the 2006 event. Like Van den Berg, she took an early lead but couldn’t pull away in time to escape the onslaught of Bustamante. Though Ouschan notched a 73-ball run, ultimately Bustamante who took the lead and ran with it without looking back to win 200-148.

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All keyed up for the final match upon which a world championship title was hinged, Feijen and Bustamante went to work in the final race to 200. Bustamante missed a combo early on and missed a cut shot, and that was all it took—Feijen took the reins and kept methodically running out until he had won the final match by the stunning score of 200-11.

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