Johnny Archer

Johnny Archer

Johnny Archer

Johnny “The Scorpion” Archer

Johnny Archer picked up a pool cue 23 years ago destined to become o­ne of the sport’s most extraordinary players.  His domination as a professional is unquestionable; his resume reads like a dream: five-time Player of the Year, four World 9-Ball championships, U.S. Open championship, seven-time Mosconi Cup player, Player of the Decade of the ’90s, and the saga continues.  Sponsored by Cuestix International and a player representative for Scorpion Cues, Archer has entered 2004 full throttle, aiming at the same targets he does every year.  “I’d like to win the World Championship again.  Every goal every year is to win the World Championship and the U.S. Open.  Those are two of our biggest.  So, that, and I figure the rest will take care of itself.”

With the recent birth of his son, Johnny Lee Archer Jr., he’ll be spending less time o­n the road this year and more at home with family.  “It’s very hard to leave, because you just get a little sad, and it’s tough to get away knowing that your wife needs you and the baby needs you.  But, you know, that’s my job, so I know I have to do that to take care of them.  But I will say I’m a little more relaxed playing now … hopefully that doesn’t take away my fight that I have, which I don’t think it will.”

It is doubtful that anything could take away Archer’s fight, for as relaxed as he may be, his determination and play intensity are just as high as ever.  Seen him o­n the table lately?

When not spending time with his family or playing o­n the road, Archer is in a YMCA basketball league o­n a team dubbed the Scorpions, which recently went 5-4, and he swings his fair share o­n the golf course.  He and his wife, Melanie, are also very active in the Church of God.  “I’d like to say I’m a good Christian.  We go to church every Sunday while we’re home.  I think that’s something people need.  Not so much that they have to believe in God per se, or what denomination, but I think a religious thing takes a lot of pressure off of you and gives your something to believe in.  I think spirituality is a very big thing, and I believe in that.”

The well-rounded Johnny Archer is as much a genuine and approachable individual as he is a dominating pool player.  Keep your eyes wide for 2004 … the man is o­n a mission.

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