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Efren Reyes

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Efren "The Magician" Reyes

Efren “The Magician” Reyes

Efren Reyes, Efren “Bata” Reyes, Efren “The Magician” Reyes
Efren Reyes – Philippines

Age – 58 (born August 26, 1954)
Based – Angeles City, Philippines
Nicknames – ‘Bata’ and ‘The Magician’
Hobbies – Chess, movies
Years Playing – Started playing for money in 1984

Brief Summary of Efren Reyes‘ Achievements
1999 World Pool Champion
1994 US Open Champion
World Pool League Champion 2001 & 2002
2003 Mid-Atlantic Championship
San Miguel Asian 9-Ball Tour Championship
Manila, 2003 Las Vegas 9-Ball Open Champion
2006 IPT World 8-Ball Champion
World All Around Title 2005 & 2007 (Derby City Classic)

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Efren Reyes is a living legend in his home country of the Philippines where he is o­ne of their highest profile sportsmen. When you arrive in the Philippines, one of the first sights you see is a huge picture of Efren Reyes. His 1999 World Championship victory live o­n TV, elevated pool into the major league and saw Efren Reyes become a national celebrity, starring in TV adverts for San Miguel Beer and McDonalds among others. Efren Reyes is the 2002 International Challenge of Champions winner, the 2003 Mid-Atlantic 9-Ball Open Champion, the 1999 World 9-Ball Champion, and was the 1999 Player of the Year. He was also inducted into the Billiard Congress of America’s Hall of Fame in 2003.

Efren "Bata" Reyes

Efren “Bata” Reyes

Efren Reyes began playing billiards in 1974 and currently resides in Manila, Philippines. Now 49 years-old, Efren Reyes‘ talent shows no signs of abating. Although some say he is not the player he o­nce was, he is still o­ne of the top players in the world and is a regular tournament winner in the highest class. A big win in 2004 of $50,000 in the USA showed that when there is big money o­n the table, Reyes comes into his own. Despite his success, Efren Reyes remains as modest as ever and is a highly popular figure among his fellow professionals.

Recent accomplishments of Efren Reyes include the 2006 IPT World 8-Ball Championship and the 2007 Derby City Classic All-Around title. He has numerous televison appearnaces and print media articles written about him. Efren Reyes seems that he will not slow down and whenever the money gets high, you can count on Efren being around to get a large share.

List of Efren Reyes Titles:
2007 Derby City Classic – World All Around Championship
2005 IPT King of the Hill Champion
2005 Derby City Classic One Pocket
2005 Derby City Classic 9-Ball
2005 Derby City Classic Master Of The Table
2004 Derby City Classic Overall Champion Bonus
2004 Derby City Classic One Pocket Division
2004 San Miguel Asian 9-Ball Tour Stop 1
2004 San Miguel Asian 9-Ball Tour Stop 2
2004 San Miguel Asian 9-Ball Tour Stop 3
2004 On Cue 3: Continental Conquest
2004 World 8-Ball Championships
2003 San Miguel Asian 9-Ball Tour Stop 2
2003 Las Vegas 9-Ball Open
2003 World Classic Billiards Tournament
2003 Mid Atlantic 9-Ball Championships
2002 Challenge of Champions
2002 Shooters Labor Day Weekend Open 9-Ball Champion
2002 Cafe Puro Challenge of the Masters Champion
2002 World Pool League Champion
2001 Tokyo 9-Ball Champion
2001 World Pool League Champion
2001 Masters 9-Ball Championships
2001 Color of Money II Winner
2001 Supreme Masters of Billiards
2000 U.S. Open o­ne-Pocket Championship
2000 Camel Pro 8-Ball Championship
2000 Pennsylvania State 9-Ball Championship
2000 USA Billiards Challenger Event
1999 ESPN Ultimate 9-Ball Challenge
1999 Victor Chandler World Pool Championship
1999 Derby City Classic – o­ne Pocket Championship
1999 Sands Regency Open 29 9-Ball Championship
1999 All Japan Championship (Japan Open)
1998 World 8-Ball Championship
1998 South Jersey 10-Ball Championship
1996 Sands Regency Open 9-Ball Championship
1996 The Color of Money 9-Ball Champion (Reyes vs Strickland)
1996 PBT World 8-Ball Championship
1996 Legends 9-Ball Championship
1996 Florida Flare Up III 9-Ball Championship
1996 Western Open 9-Ball Championship
1995 Maine Event 14.1 Championships
1995 Sands Regency Open 21 9-Ball Championship
1995 PBT World 8 Ball Championship
1995 Pro Tour Championship 9-Ball
1995 Player of the Year
1994 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship
1993 World Team Championship (Team Philippines)
1992 International 8-Ball Classic
1992 World 9-Ball Open (Tokyo)
1990 World Cup (Taipei)
1988 McDermott Masters
1987 SEA Games Gold Medalist (snooker)
1986 Sands Regency 9-Ball Championship
1985 Sands Regency 9-Ball Championship
1985 Houston Red’s Open (under assumed name “Cezar Morales”)

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