Bobby Pickle

Bobby Pickle

Bobby Pickle

“Play pool. Have fun. Enjoy your life.” This is the credo of Bobby Pickle, a constant in the Nashville pool scene and a never-ending source of entertainment for true fans of the game.

Born in the early sixties, Pickle first picked up a cue at the age of five and was making money with it two years later. “My father was a pool player-I’m a natural at it,” he relays in his pleasantly accented voice. “Right now my eyes are going a little bad, which at this age is ordinary, so I’ve really got to get Lasik Surgery or glasses or contacts. I probably should have had this done a little while ago.”

Explaining how he got drawn more into the game, Pickle relates, “The o­nly mentor really I ever had was Charlie James, and he died in seventy-six. He sort of looked out for me after my father died-he died of cancer when I was seven-he [James] owned about four or five poolrooms in the Nashville area. He looked out for me.”

Whether it was James or his own sense of fair play that molded him, Pickle exudes a strong conviction of good sportsmanship. He is the first to compliment an opponent o­n a good shot, the first to shake a victorious adversary’s hand, and the first to ask the question, “if you’re not having fun, why keep doing it?” It’s this attitude that makes

Bobby o­ne of the circuit’s most well-liked players. His infectious laugh and gentlemanly ways win him fans and friends wherever he goes. But his game is never o­ne that should be taken lightly under any circumstances.

“I’ve won many, many tournaments, mainly out of the losers’ bracket,” recountedPickle with a deep laugh, “but I won the two thousand and two BCA Amateur Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were seventeen hundred and ninety-five players in it, and I went undefeated. I’ve won the Tennessee State Championship three times in the past, I’ve won the Florida State Championship in the past, I’ve won the Southeast Regional Division in eight-ball, I’ve won eighth place in the world in eight-ball in nineteen eighty-six.

“I’ve enjoyed it. It’s a game that I enjoy, and it’s a game that when I stop enjoying it, I will quit. I have a good time when I play pool. I enjoy the company, the people that I meet are great. I travel everywhere-it’s a beautiful country, the United States of America.”

Equipment Stats

Break Cue: 20 ounce South East Custom Cue

Break Cue Shaft: 13.5 millimeter shaft

Break Cue Tip: Phenolic

Break Cue Wrap: Irish linen

Playing Cue: South East Pickle Cue

Playing Cue Weight: 19.5 ounces

Shaft Diameter: 13.5 millimeters

Shaft Taper: 13 inch pro taper

Tip: Moori

Tip Radius: Nickel

Wrap: Irish linen

Playing Cue Hit: “It’s solid-it’s a very solid hit.”

Advice to Others o­n Buying a Cue: “Go with the most recognized, which is Southeast. Go with the cue maker. If something feels good to you, stick with it. I don’t care if it’s a twenty-dollar cue house, if it feels good to you, play with that. But if you’re going to buy a higher-priced cue, check them out. Check them out o­n the Internet, magazines, whatever. Either check with Southeast or Southwest. I prefer Southeast.”

Tools: “I use the Tip Tapper, I use the Porcupine, I use sandpaper, too.”

Shaft Maintenance: “I use Joe Blackburn.

Pro Shop Joe!”

Other Items: “I carry chalk, my own chalk-Master, which I prefer-I carryJohnson’s Baby Powder, which I prefer. I carry a towel, usually, in my case. And my jumpers, Jumping Pickles, and my own case, which will be out in about a,

Case: “We’re having them custom made by Southeast Cues.”



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